Scott Venning, Pro Stock Rescue Interview – By Nostalgia Drag World

Editor’s note: This interview was taken from Nostalgia Drag World Vol 5




Nostalgia Drag World dropped in on Scott Venning at his Pro Stock Rescue Race Shop to get an update on the latest buzz in the world of Nostalgia Pro Stock.

For those of you unfamiliar with Scott’s project Pro Stock Rescue, it is a new show on AutoWerkz TV. Season one is scheduled to start in February of this year. Pro stock Rescue was created by Scott Venning and his partners Tony Christian and Woody Mays. It is produced by AutoWerkz TV and can be seen

The premier episode is now showing on AutoWerkz TV. Go to and click on “our shows” then “racing channel.”

The TV show Pro Stock Rescue is all about 1970’s-1990’s Pro Stock cars. The viewer will be taken through every step, in detail, rebuilding and updating legendary Pro Stocks. There will be past and present driver interviews, manufacturer’s interviews with facility tours, and two pro stock racing series.

The following interview was conducted recently with Scott:

NDW:  Hi Scott thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us today. So what’s new at pro Stock Rescue?

SCOTT:  As you can see Woody Mays and I have been hard at work on the 81 Camaro project.

NDW:  Wow it looks great Scott! You guys have done an amazing job. It looks like it is ready for paint.

SCOTT:  Yes we are close to sending it to the paint shop. David (David Reher) is working on the motor as we speak so yes it is all starting to come together.

NDW:  Besides the TV show you are also putting together a racing series? Tell us a little about that.

SCOTT:  The first series will be a very competitive class. It will be 1970’s -1990’s pro stocks cars. The car needs to look like a car that was raced during that year. 3.75 pound per cubic inch. There will be qualifying and the cars will be running off a traditional ladder.

The second series will be 1970’s -1990’s Nostalgic Pro Stock class. This is not a pounds per cube class. Cars with similar ET’s will be paired up for some exciting racing. We have cars in this group that run in the high 7’s through the 9’s.

This group is a place to race and enjoy your Nostalgic Pro Stock of any performance level. This class will get a lot of coverage and a great way to get exposure for your car. This is becoming a very popular class.

NDW:  At the PRI show this year we talked to the guys at the Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association “Paying Tribute to the Legends” and they seem really excited about hooking up with you.

SCOTT:  Yes we have been working very closely with Mark Pappas and Mike Ruth and have interviewed a lot of the guys in their group as well as several others in our area. We have hundreds of hours of interviews with a lot of the folks that are currently racing Nostalgia Pro Stocks and you will be able to see these anytime you want.

NDW:  We watched the first show and have to say the chemistry is amazing especially between Al Tucci and Tony Christian.

SCOTT:  Yes we are very happy to have Al on board he is truly one of a kind.

NDW:  Indeed he is. Well we have taken enough of your time thanks again and we at Nostalgia Drag World wish you all the best and keep us updated.

SCOTT:  Thanks this was fun. You guys are always welcome to stop by.

You can go to Nostalgia Drag World by clicking (here) .

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