The Transition to Video Production

By: Moses Ludel

Video is the new journalism…A dramatic 69% of today’s online users prefers video over print media!  As a print media photojournalist and book author/illustrator for over three decades, I launched 4WD Mechanix Magazine in 2010 and plunged headlong into the world of HD video production.

Enthusiasm quickly settled into the complexities of filming and post-production editing.  With over 16,000 published photos, taken under every kind of lighting imaginable, video filming came easier:  Video is the fluid form of photography with the camera accounting for 24, 30 or 60 frames per second of movement—smoothly and without interruptions.

Photo via 4Wheeler Network: Wheelers For The Wounded Bicoastal Trail Runs

Staging and video camera movements drew from decades of live action off-road motorsports, product reviews and installations, how-to projects, feature vehicles and event photography.  In both mediums, the camera must be in the right place at the right time!  The “trick” for video filming is to pan slowly, keeping in mind the cinematic formulas:  Allow 30 seconds to swing 180-degrees from full left to right—or focus on the fast moving subject, creating a blurred background and foreground that look natural to the viewer.

Learning post-production editing is a humbling process.  A user friendly, prosumer editing software is a wise place to start.  Perseverance pays off when the end result is professional audio and video editing skill.  Ultimately, the time spent is well worth it.

Since 2010, the magazine has devoted its video resources to product reviews, corporate presentations, how-to installations, technical vlogs, off-road racing and major event coverage on behalf of valued sponsors.  HD video productions now exceed 400 features.

Competing in a growing field of creative talent, my video work now includes commercial assignments for major corporations and an expanding library of Vimeo On Demand features. For more details, visit the portfolio website at—Moses Ludel