Cargo Van Question [“Ask Nathan” Excerpt]

This is an excerpt from’s “Ask Nathan” weekly column.

Q: Hi Nathan and Roman! I have a cargo van question for you.

My uncle has a dealership near Jacksonville, Florida and has two vans from 2015 that he will help me buy. One ios the Nissan NV200 and the other one is a Ram Pro Master City. I know they compete, but I don’t know which one makes more sense.

I only have to haul 800 or so pounds, so I know that both can handle that, but I need the van to be a comfortable commuter too. Which one do you think would be best as an all-around driver?

The only passenger would be my mother on occasion.


Haleh. I

A: Hi Haleh!

The Nissan NV200 is an easier vehicle to drive in the city, but the Ram ProMaster City is the best all-around driver out of the two. They are very different vehicles and they both have their virtues.

The Nissan NV200 gets great gas mileage and is a snap to drive in the city. Parking and loading is easy too.

The Ram ProMaster City has a higher capacity, great power and is nearly as good as the Nissan around town. It’s highway ride is pretty good and its overall cargo setup is excellent. It can tow as well.

Best of luck!


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