The Car Culture is Alive and Well in China [Exclusive Photos]

By: Nathan Adlen

Auotwerkz.TV has the good fortune to have a presence in many corners of the planet. Our friends in China sent us some interesting and rather random photos of cars, trucks, motorcycles and race cars just the other day. These photos represent the firs batch of many photos coming from countries that many people would not necessarily equate with car-savvy inhabitants.

While it looks unusual to western eyes, scooters that are converted to enclosed two and three passenger vehicles are a common sight in Beijing. I have personally witnessed (and have ridden with) intrepid owners of these mini-car-ish-things driving in everything from sub-zero temperatures to scorching heat.  Many of these vehicles are (or will be) powered by an electric motor.

The China GT Chanpionship race series as see at Audi Goldenport Motor Park in Beijing, China. This series will be coming to Autowerkz.TV racing channel along with several other action-packed, but rarely seen racing series.

China doesn’t mess around with security. This is just one example of China using high-end western-built vehicles for its police and security forces.

These are the grandstands at Audi Goldenport Motor Park. They remain empty during practice, but on race-day, it’s hard to find a seat.


Just in case you thought the bicycle culture has dwindled in China – since the popularity of automobiles kicked in. As you can see, it’s still a bicycle-savvy country!


We will be adding photos to our Autowerkz.TV blog from time to time. Stay tuned!