Finn Lazier: Barber USF2000 MRTI [Racing Journal]



It was a very last minute deal but we had to take the chance. We were connected with Newman Wachs racing through one of my current team owners in another series and it turned out to be a good opportunity. About a week and a half before the race we committed and started to scramble to get all of our paper work done from physicals to applying for my FIA license.

We spent most the week working on logistics to get to the race and managed to get it done, the only thing that was missing was time in the car. Because of this, we were taking a gamble and it would mean we would most likely struggle the first few days competing against others with much more time in the car.

Arriving to Barber was a relief in itself, we were ready to go racing again. At the beginning of the weekend we struggled as expected, the car was not stable to my racing style and we had steering torch issues for the first day of testing.

By the first day of qualifying and racing, the car was slowly turning around, getting quicker quicker as I learned the team and they learned me. This was also the day I personally learned the most. The track was new to me so the rhythm of the track slowly started to get more familiar, and so did the racing style of others.

Race 1 was a large struggle because of our starting spot, moving up proved to be a challenge at this track and I was still getting in tune with the track and car, but it was the good kind of struggle.

Day two we continued to have severe balance problems in qualifying, but now having a race under my belt, and being able to use my past racing experience, I had a better feel as to how I would make it through the field. We started 22nd and fought our way through the field after an eventful first lap. Even at this point I was still learning and trying to understand what makes the cars happy, as the race went on we continued to gain pace. We rolled across the line 12th making up 10 positions and making it a semi successful weekend.

Learning the car in a short amount of time was a large challenge and gamble going straight into the race at a challenging circuit, but all in all we are happy with our results and hope to be back for more soon.

Huge thanks to the boy at Newman Wachs along with Stalk It, Bell Racing USA, and the Mazda Road to Indy for the opportunity