Watch as the Gang from TFLCar heads Off-Road in a 2001 Pontiac Aztek!


or folks who live in North America, the Pontiac Aztek is known for its polarizing looks and unconventional performance. It had a weezy 3.4-liter V6 that made 185 horsepower, yet it weighed about two tons. It was the size of a minivan (it’s based on the same platform as GM minivans from that era), yet it only had seating for five. It was marketed for off-road adventures, yet it was terribly low and had exterior approach, departure and breakover angles that hindered it on difficult terrain.

Still, it was an idea ahead of its time.

The Pontiac Aztek is very utilitarian with tons of passenger and cargo space. Its all-wheel drive (AWD) system was very advanced. It drives very comfortably and, despite its looks, the large plastic cladding is very rugged (as this video demonstrates).

The crew from The Fast Lane Car (TFLcar) are known for truly testing crossovers off the beaten path and the Pontiac Aztek represents one of the early adaptations of a minivan into a crossover. In the future, the TFL crew intends to have many more adventures in the 2001 Pontiac Aztek.

It certainly is an original idea; covering something like this vehicle the way TFLcar does… it’s an odd choice to say the least.

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