The Okoboji Classic Cars Museum is the best of Automotive Americana

By: Nathan Adlen

The motto of the Okoboji Classic Cars Museum is “The Ultimate Man Cave,” but it’s a lot more than that. Located in West Okoboji, Iowa off of Highway 86, the Okoboji Classic Cars Museum is a journey into the nostalgic memories of the owner, Toby Shine, President of Okoboji Classic Cars.

The Okoboji Classic Cars Museum has a few components:

Restoration and sales – The Okoboji Classic Cars Museum has a world-class restoration “Performance Center.” They restore clients classic vehicles exactly to their owner’s specifications. The Performance Center also acquires vehicles to restore, display on the museum floor and sell.About Us

Museum and shop – A painstakingly detailed re-creation of the main street in Spencer, Iowa and the boardwalk near Arnold’s Park by West Lake Okoboji (both, a few minutes from the museum), the Okoboji Classic Cars Museum one of the largest dioramas you’ll ever see. Landscapes, buildings, shops and people along with a multitude of cars are painted throughout. Seeking advice from professionals, including Disney engineers, the Okoboji Classic Cars Museum’s interior buildings are reminiscent of Disneyland’s Mainstreet U.S.A.


There are tons of details, not only for folks who may have a history in Spencer, Iowa, but for folks who want to see 1960’s Americana. You’ll get lots of time to observe and scrutinize the details during the guided tour. I highly recommend looking at the drive-in movie room.

I must mention one component that’s not apparent, the connection between the owner Toby Shine and the community. Everything from establishing the Okoboji Maritime Museum to the saving and preservation of Arnolds Park’s Amusement Park, Mr. Shine’s philanthropic connection to this community is remarkable.

Not only do I highly recommend the Okoboji Classic Cars Museum, I recommend spending time in this community. Without a doubt, I can honestly say, there’s something special around every bend. What a great place.

The Autowerkz.TV crew shot an episode of Undercover Car Guys at the museum which will air by or before the fall of 2017. Check out and subscribe to Autowerkz.TV for more!


The view from Arnolds Park , Iowa.