The Overcomer Hunta is All Sorts of Awesome

The Overcomer Hunta is an all-terrain amphibious vehicle that’s engineered around soft,  massive tires that give it buoyancy, incredible traction and a wide footprint on all terrain.Equipped with a 95 horsepower diesel engine, the Overcomer Hunta can be fitted with a gas engine as an option.

The vehicle is built in Belarus. Designed by a MAZ/MAN joint venture.

Details are scarce, but we do know that the Overcomer Hunta was tested in the most extreme environments.


Other details:

  • It can hold up to eight passengers
  • Top speed is 70 kmph
  • The body is fiberglass
  • Maximum gross weight is about 3.3 tons and can carry a maximum 700 kilograms on water and 1 ton on road.
  • It comes with a 100 liter fuel tank with provisions to add a second tank that holds 95 liters

Check out this cool video!