Here is the new Volkswagen Golf GTE (Hybrid) with Video!

  • UK-created ‘the button’ ad shows off exciting Golf GTE
  • Volkswagen busts the myth that hybrids have to be dull
  • Research shows almost 40% of drivers are interested in purchasing a hybrid/electric car

Milton Keynes – Volkswagen is tomorrow (1 July) airing a new UK-created television campaign designed to bust one of the myths around the appeal of some hybrid-engined cars.

The brand’s new ‘button’ ad, which champions the responsible use of power available in the sporty Golf GTE, makes its UK television debut tonight during the prime time ITV show The Voice Kids.

The humorous, tongue-in-cheek advert created by global agency Adam&Eve/DDB in co-operation with the Volkswagen UK Marketing team, is designed to show how a “responsible use of power” in the potent Golf GTE makes hybrid motoring as enjoyable as it is environmentally acceptable.

The brand’s latest advertising campaign has been created, in part, to address consumer attitudes highlighted in a recent extensive piece of research by global market intelligence agency Mintel.

The authoritative Mintel data, generated as a result of a major study into attitudes around electric and hybrid vehicles*, clearly shows that many drivers who say they would consider a hybrid/electric car are ultimately concerned by factors including running costs, the availability of hybrid and electric cars, and supposed performance compromises. Mintel’s figures show 38% of drivers in their survey said they would consider buying a hybrid/electric car, yet only 4% actually did so.

Volkswagen National Communications Manager Glyn Butterworth explained: “The ‘button’ advert is our light-hearted way of addressing a serious point. Today’s updated Golf GTE – with its 204 PS combined power output and 7.6-second 0-62 mph time – is the antithesis of the ‘worthy but dull’ hybrid image.

“Pressing the Golf’s centre console-mounted ‘GTE’ button allows the combined 1.4 TSI 150 PS petrol engine and 75 Kw (102 PS) electric motor to operate together, unlocking a lively turn of pace in this car.

“Clearly we are not encouraging people to drive irresponsibly – indeed the idea behind the Golf’s advanced hybrid GTE powertrain is to maximise range – but the Golf’s petrol+electric potential is something we are rightly proud of.”

Glyn added: “We hope the gentle nod to various movie genres in the new TV campaign will make people smile, while also making them reappraise their views on hybrids.”

Driving even greater value for money into a growing area of the UK market, today’s petrol-electric hybrid Golf GTE offers a compelling mix of engaging GTI-style dynamics, responsible e-Golf-style sustainability and generous GTD-style range.

The updated Golf GTE is available with a choice of two trim levels. The entry-level Golf GTE is joined by the new GTE Advance in a range line-up that mirrors that of the award-winning Passat GTE.

The hybrid powered five-door Golf, with both a 150 PS 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine and a 102 PS (75 Kw) electric motor for a system power output of 204 PS, unites economy and performance in a flexible and appealing package.

The total potential range of the Golf GTE is 514 miles and the GTE’s battery gives an all-electric range of up to 31 miles. This opens up the possibility of driving significant distances cross-country using the TSI petrol engine and then completing the journey into a town or city under zero emission full electric power.

Official performance figures for the 204 PS Golf GTE show it capable of covering the 0-62 mph sprint in 7.6 seconds with a top speed, where legal, of 138 mph. CO2 emissions are 38g/km for the GTE and 40g/km for the GTE Advance, while combined fuel economy is 166 mpg for the GTE and 157 mpg for the GTE Advance.

Sitting alongside the range of the Golf GTE is its ability to offer high performance driving when required. A press of the centre console-mounted GTE button delivers the potential for spirited acceleration that comes via the instant torque of the electric motor working alongside the broad power of the turbocharged petrol engine.

Both the updated Golf GTE and Golf GTE Advance are equipped with a host of premium features such as full LED front and rear lights with sweeping indicators, Active Info Display, and Volkswagen Car-Net App Connect functionality.

The updated Golf GTE offers five operating modes: ‘E-mode’, ‘GTE mode’, ‘Battery Hold’, ‘Battery Charge’ and ‘Hybrid Auto’. In pure electric mode (activated at the press of a button), the Golf GTE can travel up to 31 miles emissions free. Electric power can also be saved – for example when driving to a zero-emissions zone. In electric mode, the GTE is capable of speeds of up to 81 mph.

The 8.7 kWh lithium-ion battery can be charged in 3.45 hours from a domestic mains outlet, or 2.15 hours from a domestic wallbox.

Updated Volkswagen Golf GTE and GTE Advance
Model Engine Gearbox Doors Power CO₂ (g/km) OTR RRP (exc PICG1)
Golf GTE 1.4 TSI and 75 Kw electric DSG 5 204 38 £30,635.00
Golf GTE Advance 1.4 TSI and 75 Kw electric DSG 5 204 40 £32,135.00

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