Russians have Fun Curling Old Cars


Who says Russians aren’t fun?

The old and seldom talked about SeAZ/VAZ Oka (a tiny 3-door, Russian built runabout) has found a new purpose in Yekaterinburg, Russia. There are four teams of 10 people each, they have nine tries to get their manned car into the middle of a circle on ice. It is, for lack of a better word, curling.

The difference here is that it’s on a larger scale with little Oka cars manned by one rider fly into other (somewhat) strategically placed Okas. Several push the lightened Oka which has no engine or transmission. In fact: it basically has a body, wheels and a steering wheel. That’s about it.


Consider this: there is an American company based in Las Vegas (at least – back in 2014) that sells the little Oka – as an electric car.