Wallys Automotive, Tunisia’s only car maker, Builds Fun Looking Vehicles

This little runabout, the Wallys Iris is a three-cylinder, front-drive utility vehicle with an all fiberglass body. It looks a bit like a Jeep, but it shares no components with any FCA vehicle; however, it does use Peugeot components. The most remarkable thing is: this vehicle is built in Tunisia!

Here’s their story.

The idea was born in 2005 during a fortuitous meeting on the island of Wallis and Futuna between the Guiga brothers and the former JEEP Dallas – Mr René Boesch. Passionate about niche vehicles since their childhood, the two brothers are inspired by their meeting and decide to make the big leap: the creation of a new car brand: the Wallys Car.

In 2006 the brothers Zied and Omar Guiga founded the company and began the design work in a modest workshop in Tunis. In drawing the Wallys, they keep in mind four key principles:

Limited dimensions for easy movement and parking

Simplify the driver’s life by designing a robust and economical vehicle.

Offering a neo-retro style with timeless lines.

Produce a highly reliable vehicle.

Only two years later, the Wallys IZIS is presented at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. Equipped with a completely fiberglass body, a galvanized chassis and a Powertrain PSA engine, the model is homologated in Europe and is entering production in 2009. It is very successful internationally.

In 2013 Wallys delivers to its customers the latest IZIS vehicles and immediately begins the preparation of its “big sister”, the Wallys IRIS. With this new model, the company decides to move to its new more modern factory and overlooking the southern entrance of Tunis.

This is where Wallys develops and builds the IRIS with great care to the details of the chassis, the bodywork, through the numerous mechanical and electronic components.

Since its inception, Wallys has produced more than 730 cars, with PSA Powertrain engines. This is the result of a relationship of mutual trust and shared values ​​that make it possible to design and produce Wallys vehicles with the most reliable, economical and compact engines on the market.