Top 10 Scary as Hell Films featuring Automobiles – with Video


Here are the Top 10 scary and creepy truck and car movies counted down. Halloween is almost upon us, and there is no better time to watch these classic scary movies that involve trucks. The movies listed here are Rated R. They are not for kids or the faint of heart.


This 1996 little gem fell off the radar but, it’s a cult classic. One of the first big roles for Reese Witherspoon, this is a rather unusual take on “Little Red Ridding Hood.” Freeway covers many sadistic areas of life from the believable to the fantastic. Many of the pivotal scenes take place in cars (and a trailer). Mix a better-than-you-might-think story together with the title and you have a horrific flick good enough for all hallows eve.


This 2001 Paul Walker suspense/horror flick had shades of “Duel” and “The Hitcher” intertwined with modern, fun dialogue. A cruel CB joke (seriously, who uses CB now-a-days?) goes awry leaving deathly consequences. There are some great scenes mixed with sadistic stuff, and some great one liners from Steve Zahn. Look folks, don’t ever mess with truckers!


There’s lots of great car action in this 2003 Jim Caviezel flick, but it has a weak plot and lacks a concise story. I wasn’t pleased with the bad-guy’s car (’72 El Dorado grandma–mobile), but loved Caviezel’s beefed up 1968 Plymouth Barracuda. He’s seeking to stop the Caddilac murderer who preys on women (including Caviezel’s film wife).The half man half machine bad-guy is like a character out of David Cronenberg’s Crash and his car is supposed to reflect his personality. This is kind of scary at times with a few creepy scenes. All in all, it’s fairly entertaining.


This teeny-bopper child of the 80’s (1986 to be exact), was more of a Dodge commercial than a true horror film. The real star of the movie was the Wraith’s car, a copy of the 1984 Dodge M4S prototype (sorry Charlie Sheen). With the exception of a Corvette driven by the main bad-guy, almost every other car was a Dodge. All in all, it did provide some spooky-ish moments (to some) and encompassed a decent back-from-the-dead revenge movie. 


Not only is this 1986 movie based on a Stephen King story, but the man himself opted to direct it. Yes sir, Stephen King donned a director’s cap for this one and only picture. Homicidal machines hunting humans… Hmmm, not the best place to make a directorial debut. I suppose it’s just as well. He did pull together a rocking soundtrack (AC/DC) and that’s just about it. Many didn’t like it very much; your mileage may vary..


For no apparent reason, a highly modified, black car terrorizes a small town. Uh, that’s about it… the whole premise in a nutshell. There are a few scenes that I consider “gem” moments in the film. I LOVE the fact that the CAR goes after a bicyclist on a bridge near the opening of the film. The Sheriff is played by James Brolin. His deputies cry a lot in the film; I guess that’s what guys did in the 70’s (this movie came out in 1977). The vehicle itself is a modified Lincoln Continental Mark III modified by the “master” George Barris. This film goes well with popcorn, late at night.


This movie caught me by surprise in 1986. Rutger Hauer plays a creepy as hell hitch-hiker and C. Thomas Howell is seriously put through the ringer by him. This is a road movie in a sense and vehicles are used to kill; thus, it makes it onto our list. Check out the way Hauer’s character dispatches Jenifer Jason Leigh’s character! Very cool flick to watch with a plate of French Fries!


Don’t yell, “aint’ no car movie!” yet. I know that this 2001 film has a bat-like cannibal hillbilly as the main bad guy. Despite his fluttering about in the last 3rd of the film, the bad guy drove one hell of a nasty truck for a good portion of the film. Check out the beefed up 1940s panel van with the license reading: “BEATNGU.” This is a fairly scary movie with some intense and disturbing scenes – just the thing for Halloween!


For those of you who forgot that Steven Spielberg got his start in horror (remember Jaws?), this was his first big step into mainstream film, way back in 1971. With a very limited budget and a tiny cast, Spielberg manages to create a taught, scary film. There’s just enough action to make up for long, still shots and little music. This is one of the most menacing looking trucks I’ve ever seen in film. By the way, this flick (released for television in the US and theaters everywhere else) proves that Dennis Weaver can play more than just a cowboy. He’s real good in Duel. 


Not only is this one of Stephen King’s masterpieces, it is one of the best examples of horror transcending time and proving relevant years later. Christine was a red 1958 Plymouth Fury, which looked like the type of ride the Devil would cruise in. Christine came out at an auspicious time. 1983 came out a year after The Thing, one of the goriest, scariest films ever. John Carpenter directed both – what a match-up, King and Carpenter. Great flick for October 31st!

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