India is Shifting to All-Electric Cars VERY Soon

Recently, India officially committed to reducing emissions bu 37% and to sell only electric vehicles by 2030. This is one of the most ambitious announcements regarding electrification next to China’s new commitment to all-electric vehicles.

“This is part of the Narendra Modi government’s vision to helm a renewable-energy revolution in the country. It reckons that the automobile sector’s massive conversion will cut its oil bill by some $60 billion, reduce emissions by 37%, and curb the burgeoning demand for road infrastructure over the next 13 years.” – – Quartz India (online magazine)

They go on to say: “As a precursor, India’s new and renewable energy ministry has been appointed the nodal agency to help procure some 10,000 electric cars this year to replace existing government vehicles.
Various state governments are making their own plans in this regard.

Last week, the southern state of Karnataka approved a policy to promote research & development in electric mobility. It has now made it mandatory to have charging points and pods in all high rises. Maharashtra had waived various taxes for EVs when it became India’s first state to have an electric mass mobility system—in May, taxi aggregator Ola began operating 200 EVs, including taxis, buses, e-rickshaws, and auto-rickshaws in the state’s Nagpur city.”

Considering the fact that India is already taking serious steps towards automotive electrification, the future of electric cars in one of the most populous places on earth looks like a good one indeed.

India’s Mahindra e2o is Shocking Unique

There will come a time when electric vehicles become the predominate form of personal transportation. While Tesla makes news catering to the wealthy client, others (Nissan, Chevrolet and Volkswagen) build mid-level electric cars that are somewhat affordable.What about the entry-level electric car market?

Mahindra has that covered.

Mahindra has been the electric game for a while, the Mahindra e2o is the latest electric car for the massive Indian market. It can travel up to 140 kilometers on a full charge. A full charge from a depleted battery takes 9-hours on regular power or you can get a fast charger to give you about 90% in about 90 minutes. Yes, the e2o has a 19 kW (kilo-watt) electric motor that produces 25.5 BHP @ 3,750 rpm.

One of the fascinating aspect of the e2o is the way it’s built. Using a tube-frame underneath, the e2o is covered with PVC (plastic) panels. These panels are lightweight, dent resistant and come color-infused with color. Light scratches and scrapes will not discolor the panel, and it’s fairly easy to replace.

“The e2o is a clever little car. Gearless, noiseless, emission-less, it is the incredible electric car that delivers an astonishing driving experience. Sustainable and convenient, the e2o is leading the global charge to unearth an affordable and green car. Innovation-rich and city-ready, it is today’s path-breaking solution to tomorrow’s mobility needs. Sync it with your phone to get started!” – – Mahindra


The Polaris Eicher Motors Multix is Incredibly Utilitarian


India truck main


The Polaris/Eicher Motors Multix Mini Truck is purpose built for consumers in India that need utility at a remarkably low price ($3,638). People in the North American truck market tend to take small, tiny pickup trucks for granted. A majority of the world needs small trucks for their overcrowded cities.

The Multix Mini Truck has a single-cylinder, 510cc diesel engine which makes about 10 horsepower while pumpping out about 20 lbs-feet of torque. The engine is mounted underneath the bed and it powers the rear wheels. Surprisingly, this is a five-passenger vehicle with a four-wheel independent suspension; and it can haul over 1,100 lbs.

The appears to be two versions of the Multix Mini Truck. There’s a four and five-seat version with the five-seater having a small center seat that can fold and open up for storage. There is a folding rear bulkhead allowing you to fold the rear seats for extra capacity. There’s a SUV-like rear covering that encloses the cargo area.

Details are thin, but it looks like the Multix Mini Truck is pretty barren inside and, to save money, it even omits air conditioning. With its light weight and fuel-sipping diesel, it will get 28.45Km to the liter, that (roughly) comes out to over 65 mpg.

India truck 3
Here’s the nifty part: the Multix Mini Truck has a power take-off function that allows the vehicle to become a generator of sorts. The “X-Port” power take-off system produces 3 kW of power and can be used to power tools, a home or a campsite with power to spare. Cool idea.

Eicher Polaris Pvt Ltd, is a joint venture between Eicher Motors and Polaris Industries. Building in Jaipur, India, they hope to sell 60,000 units annually. The new plan can handle twice that number if consumer demand makes it necessary.

Sure, there are other Mini/Kei trucks in the market, but the Multix Mini Truck is packing a remarkably small size, real utility and that power take-off system. It’s got some real potential.

India truck 1
No, there is not even a remote chance that the Multix Mini Truck will come to the United States. That’s a shame. I think that, if they made an all-wheel drive/ 4X4 variant, it would make an excellent agricultural vehicle.

TATA Magic Iris: the Tiny Van is Awesomely Unique

Tata Magic Iris van 1
The Tata Magic IRIS Micro Van is a utilitarian, simple vehicle built for the masses of India both as a transport and a work truck. It’s also one of the most bonkers, odd-ball, bananas designs ever seen on a mass-production vehicle. That’s why it’s cool.

Being that efficiency is the name of the game, the Tata Magic IRIS Micro Van comes with an (about) 11 horsepower, single-cylinder, 611-cc, four-stroke diesel that makes about 22.8 lbs-feet of torque at 1,600 rpm. It’s hardly a powerhouse, but it was never meant to be one.

Tata Magic Iris van int
The front suspension is a independent MacPherson Strut, hydraulic double acting shock absorber setup. The rear suspension is a coil spring with semi trailing arm, hydraulic double acting shock absorber setup.

It has a four-speed manual transmission feeding the rear wheels and four-wheel drum brakes – yes, “drum” brakes. Look, they are cheap and low maintenance – right? Besides, the Tata Magic Iris only weighs about 1,500 lbs. It’s less than 10 feet long, yet it’s supposed to hold four people comfortably. There’s a separate luggage compartment in the rear, just over the engine/gearbox location.

Tata Magic Iris van chart
Price? About $3,465 U.S.

I enjoy looking for unusual trucks around the world. Finding innovative thinking for vehicles we’ll never see in the North American market can be rewarding. Just look at how they designed this little thing! It’s a cab-over design that would never pass muster in our safety tests; sure, but it looks fantastically bizarre!

Tata Magic Iris van 2
I desperately want to drive one.

Check out this fun promotional video!