Advancing the Electric Bike: GeoOrbital

If you live in a bike-friendly environment and you want your bike to become your primary source of transportation, the GeoOrbital wheel may be the upgrade you’re looking for. For less than $1,000, you can purchase the GeoOrbital wheel and all of its accessories that will transform your bike into an electric (or electrically assisted) machine.

Here is the Q&A from the website.

Why does the GeoOrbital wheel go on the front?

There are several reasons that we chose to make the GeoOrbital a front wheel application.

Ease of Installation – it takes under 1 minute and no tools to install.
Ease of Replacement – when you choose to put your spoked wheel back on it takes seconds to make the switch.
Compatibility – it works with a much greater range of bikes than a rear wheel replacement, supporting any amount of bike speeds, transmission components, “in-hub” brakes, fork sizes and bike chain technologies.
All Wheel Drive – because the GeoOrbital wheel doesn’t interfere with your bike’s chain or rear wheel, you can get all-wheel-drive by using the throttle while pedaling.

Does the GeoOrbital wheel work with my bikes rim brakes?

The GeoOrbital wheels are universally compatible with rim brake bikes across the wheel sizes that we support.

Does the GeoOrbital wheel work with my bike’s disc brakes?

All current models support our Disc Brake Adapter Kit which will be released in the Fall of 2017. Email Customer Service – for availability.

Does the weight on the front affect handling?

Not really. Since the weight of the GeoOrbital wheel isn’t spinning it has the same effect as a saddle bag. We also engineered the weight to be low and centralized along the fork so that the ride feels smooth and natural.

Can I pedal while the GeoOrbital wheel is installed?

Yes, absolutely. The GeoOrbital wheel can be used as an assist while going up hills, when you get tired, or as a replacement for pedaling altogether. It’s completely up to you how and when you use it. Be sure to view our Riding Modes Guide in the Getting Started Section to learn more about Assist and Regenerative Braking Modes.

If the battery dies will I be stranded?

Absolutely not. You can pedal like you normally would on a bicycle. To compensate for the additional l weight and resistance, you should pedal in a lower gear than usual.

What If I want a greater range?

Since the battery is easily removable and replaceable we offer additional battery packs to extend the range. Be sure to view our Riding Modes Guide in our Getting Started Section for maximum range and efficiency.

How do I keep the wheel from being stolen?

We specifically designed the GeoOrbital wheel to be secured using standard bike locks. The battery locks to the wheel with the same key that turns the wheel on. If you are especially concerned about security you can remove your wheel in under 30 seconds and take it with you.

What if I want to use the GeoOrbital wheel only for commuting?

This is a big part of the logic behind the GeoOrbital wheel. If you want to pedal for fun or exercise you can simply remove the GeoOrbital wheel and swap your spoked wheel back on. In a few seconds you’ll be back to your 100% manual bicycle. You can have your favorite bike set up just the way you like it. When you want it to be electric, it is, when you don’t, its not.

How difficult is the GeoOrbital wheel to install?

We designed the GeoOrbital wheel to be fast and easy to install. It takes a typical brand new user less than 1 minute and no tools to install for the first time. After the first few times replacing the wheel takes about 30 seconds.

Does it fit on my bike?

If you have an adult-size bike without disc brakes (disc break adapted coming soon) – then YES! We have successfully tested the GeoOrbital Wheel on hundreds of different 26 inch, 28 inch, 29 inch and 700c bicycles found in both specialty and big box stores. We have tested the GeoOrbital wheel on bikes ranging in price from $50 to over $10,000 – from bikes made in the 1800s to those that just came out. Road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, trikes, recumbent’s, folding bikes and kick-bikes and even mini penny farthings work great with the GeoOrbital wheel.

Can I exercise with my GeoOrbital wheel installed on my bike?

Sure. If you are looking for exercise you can combine pedaling and motor power. We have often found that people pedal out of habit even when operating in all electric mode. We call this added benefit “Accidental Exercise.” We have also found that people will ride to work under mostly electric power (to avoid sweating) and then peddle vigorously going home – for exercise.

Does pedaling with the GeoOrbital wheel take extra effort when not using the assist?

All GeoOrbital Wheels have regenerative capability built in by default. Because of this feature there is a resistance when pedaling alone. Be sure to view our Riding Modes Guide in our Getting Started Section for more information. If you choose to always use the throttle when you ride you will not feel any resistance.

Does the wheel have regenerative braking?

Yes, our electric wheels have regenerative braking built in standard, whenever you are moving but not using the battery.

I am a Brick and Mortar bike dealer and would like to sell your wheels in our shop. How do I become an Authorized GeoOrbital Dealer?

GeoOrbital has plans to support local Brick and Mortar Bike Shops and will start setting up Authorized GeoOrbital dealers later in 2017. If you would like more information, please email: Please be sure to send us your company name, contact, address, telephone number, and website information and we will respond ASAP.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

YES, but please check your local transportation laws before ordering. eBike laws differ greatly from country to country and even from city to city. This GeoOrbital wheel is a U.S.A. domestic model.

Is regular maintenance required?

Regular maintenance is not required. This is the beauty of brush-less electric motors, sealed bearings, and no-flat tires! We’ve got wheels with 1,000+ miles on them and the most we’ve done is wipe them down now and then to keep them looking pretty.

How long does the solid foam tire last, and is it replaceable?

The foam tire is one of our favorite features of the GeoOrbital wheel! They have been tested to last 5,000 to 10,000 miles depending on use. If it ever does wear-out or if you find a way to destroy it, the rim can be reused and a new tire put on. We plan to offer replacement tires through our website in the future.

What is the technology of the foam-core tire?

Although they might look it from the outside these are not the rubber tires from days past. Our flat-proof solid-core tires are made from a quality rubber tread on the outside and filled with a hi-density foam. This makes make them the best on the market for quality, wear and tear, and performance.

With our tires, you never have to worry about a flats, or about sacrifice any performance or weight.

Is the wheel waterproof/water-resistant?

All the components including the electronics are water resistant and we’ve tested the GeoOrbital wheel heavily in rain/snow, as well as dirt, grass and gravel. Because of the front wheel design, you can also get all-wheel drive if you pedal along with the motor, giving you increased traction on slippery roads. Check out the video of our CEO riding the wheel in slushy snow.

Built in India: Check out the Ather S340 Electric Scooter

Built in India, the Ather S340 Electric Scooter is a medium range vehicle that uses up-to-date technology in a tidy package. The Ather S340 Electric Scooter shines a spotlight at India’s emerging high tech manufacturing. Every day, India grows in tech savvy sophistication and companies like Ather Energy look competitive right out of the box.

See more at


A connected touchscreen dashboard. Integrate it with vehicle firmware, sync it with our cloud database and layer with predictive analytics. Serve this to curious data scientists and the possibilities of the connected S340 are now endless.


Vehicles of tomorrow will offer deep personalization. Our first step, the S340. It comes with two riding modes – Sport & Economy and customizable profiles that allow you to configure your scooter settings with a tap.


Pick up your phone. It might just be a notification from your S340. Now talk to your 3G enabled scooter through an app which allows you to configure your ride and profile preferences. And you can even sync your navigation routes with your dashboard, from the comfort of your home.


With 24×7 connectivity*, the cord with Ather remains uncut. The vehicle’s critical data is constantly analyzed and regular improvements are made with over the air firmware and software updates. How about adding a new feature for enhancing your ride experience? Absolutely possible. Delivered via the air.


We’re a team of 2-wheeler enthusiasts who are engineers at heart. A tough bunch to please. To be truly happy with the S340, we had to build it ground up, crafting it part by part. The result. A creation with every part working in complete harmony and a scooter that we love to ride.


The inspiration from performance bikes carries through the design philosophy. A dynamic silhouette with a kicked out rear wheel and a distinct forward leaning profile lends the S340 a sportier stance.



The S340 is designed with a balanced Front- Rear weight ratio and a rear mono shock suspension, akin to high performance bikes. Coupled with a Zero Lateral Offset and Low Center of Gravity, the S340 has the stability to negotiate even the meanest of city conditions.



Each and every part of the S340 has been built with tons of passion. But when it came to putting it to the test, we were its biggest enemy. Months of unemotional performance tests on the most gruesome terrain and harshest rigs have made the city a cake walk for the S340.


The S340 has a smart LED headlamp that switches on automatically and controls light intensity based on ambient light conditions.


Electric was obvious. Better control, cleaner fuel and purely more efficient. Things that the future won’t relent on. But its true power is unleashed by our battery pack – better thermal design, cell arrangement, and integrated battery management system. Owning an electric vehicle will never be a compromise again.


With instant torque and quick acceleration, the S340 gives you an edge in stop and go traffic conditions. Off the block in a blink.


Start the day, zip to your workplace, hit the gym post work, head to the grocery store, grab a bite, get back home and still have charge to spare. With a 60 km range at 72 kmph, the electric ride is no longer a compromise between range and performance.


Long charging hours are a thing of the past. Faster than most smartphones, the charger of the S340 charges 80% in under 50 mins. This means you are back in action by the time you finish your lunch.



Structurally robust, thermally efficient and intelligently designed, the battery pack offers an uncompromised ride for 50,000 kms. The IP 67 rated battery pack can also take a dip under 1 m of water in waterlogged areas for a good 30 minutes and still not catch a cold!


We have not only built a scooter that you will love but have also carefully crafted every experience around it. From offering door step vehicle delivery & service to thoughtfully located charging points to dedicated relationship managers, we aim to make every interaction with you a delightful experience.

The Gibbs Triski is a three-wheeled, road-legal Amphibian

It’s the Gibbs Triski Three-Wheeled Amphibian!

Capable of 85 mph on land and a whopping 45 mph at sea, the gas-powered, turbocharged, 135 horsepower weighs less than a 1,400 lbs. This means it’s easy to maneuver on and off land. Click (here) for more information.

Introducing Gibbs’ first three wheel Road Legal HSA variant; the Triski. Classified as a motorcycle, the Triski is a fully homologated road going vehicle, allowing it to travel at highway speeds on land, and over 40 mph on water; a truly versatile HSA platform. A twin jet system is located on either side of the single rear wheel, which retracts into the body, using a new type of Gibbs suspension technology specifically designed for single wheel applications.- – Gibbs



GVW 720KG / 1587LBS

The Mahindra GenZe 2.0s Electric Scooter has a Unique Battery Swapping Feature

Designed for congested urban areas,  the Mahindra Genze 2.0s is an all-electric scooter that packs some unique features along with a handsome, utilitarian frame.

“The 2.0s has lower handlebars, a new front fascia, and a sporty look. It comes with enhanced app features, including the ability to track and disable your scooter remotely to protect you from theft, and three years of 3G telematics data included.”

1.6 kWh
Removable Lithium Ion Battery 110V
Plugs into any standard outlet
(3.5 hrs) Charges from 0% – 100%

smooth & steady pickup

What people love most about the 2.0 is how it behaves—the throttle response is powerful and predictably smooth. The responsiveness & unmatched performance are the result of extensive testing & refinement that went into the GenZe 2.0’s proprietary control system. Our Powertrain Control Module is completely integrated over a CANbus network to control operation, and monitor and report on diagnostics.

designed for your life

Smart, practical, easy, and exhilarating.
We thought of everything.

    30 mph
    sport economy & easy
    110V ac 5 amps
    295 lbs
    Up to 30 miles
    0-30 mph < 10 sec
    powder coated aluminum
    1.6 kWh

Check out the Super 73 Scout Rose Ave Electric Bike

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Capable of (up to) 20 miles at 15 mph, the Super 73 Scout has a 36V battery and a 250W hub-mounted motor. The rugged-looking frame and oversized tires look off-road worthy, but it doesn’t look like there’s a suspension to go along with the looks.

“The limited edition Super 73 Scout “Rose Ave.” was designed in collaboration with lifestyle and fashion pioneer Jesse Wellens.

Named after the iconic Rose Avenue in Venice Beach, California this model is available only until August 10th.

Expected to start shipping December 1st.

The Super 73 Scout is the perfect entry-level electric motorbike for anyone looking for fun ready-for-adventure transportation. With a brushless DC hub motor and 36V battery, the Scout will take you up to 20 miles with a top speed of 15 mph. The Scout has the cool look and feel of a motorbike but it’s as easy to ride as a bicycle.

It comes equipped with a comfortable motorbike bike seat, a heavy duty kick stand, removable battery for easy charging, and off-road tires for super traction. The Super 73 Scout is a unique, life-changing and practical gift for anyone. The adventure is yours on a Super 73!” – – (paraphrased from

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A Tiny Tiddler – 1964 Suzuki 50cc N15 [Farkle Garage]

Clive Ironbutt Brown explained it to the hosts in a ‘tiddlating’ conversation, if you haven’t watched episode 9 check it out here! WTFarkle is a Tiddler?

Meet Jason, this is his ‘tiddler’ a 1964, 2 stroke, 50cc, Suzuki 50cc N15.

A Tiddler is a vintage bike that is at least 25 years old, 250 cc’s and under. This bike has a story to tell, this little Suzi belonged to his dad when he was young man.  His dad would ride this intrepid little 2 stroke 50cc Suzi over the Hope Princeton Highway Route 3, from Hope to Kelowna to attend University. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is! BC is wild and vast, the Hope Princeton highway is twisty, windy, climbs up steep grades, and has sheer drops. This could be a daunting trip on a little bike and not for the faint of heart. Check out the link to Google for images of the Hope Princeton Highway – YES, this little bike did travel over that mighty highway!    Pictures of Hope Princeton Hwy 3 

In 1969, Jason’s dad lent his Suzi to a friend, unfortunately he drove it over a 6ft cliff, bent the bars, and the Suzi was relegated to the barn, where it sat gathering rust (LOTS of rust) until 1980. Jason rediscovered the bike and his grandpa loaded it onto a truck and brought it to Victoria for him, where it followed him from place to place, patiently waiting to be brought back to life. Finally this 53 year old beauty stirred to life in 2017.


There is beauty in these little old bikes, this one is held together by rust and probably a few prayers. It has  a nice roachy antiqued patina, she needs a lot of work and a little moto botox. During this past winter the Suzi had a brief sojourn at my place with my hubby tinkering with it  trying to get parts un-seized, and getting it shakily running again. It was glorious to see it grumble to life again out of her long moto hibernation.

That’s the original tire on the bike!

Last Friday Jason brought the Suzi by for a little TLC and tinkering, the mix was off, she was running, but barely.  She rolled down the street belching a trail of acrid blue smoke, accompanied by the high pitched whine of the 2 stroke engine mixed with coughs and sputters, and the strong smell of gas perfuming the air.

If you look beyond the layers of rust there is a charm to this gnarly little bike.  Jason is slowly polishing off rust, and looking for replacement parts which are hard to come by.  The charm of this restoration is that it is pretty much going to live on its present state.


You better have an iron butt to ride on that seat! Jason has been sanding the rusty chrome bits and managed to get the majority of rust off the back carry rack.

I love the look of this vintage 1964 Suzi! It holds a lot of family memories and adventures of the past.  The bike was last insured in BC in 1969, and it is now out of hibernation getting a little TLC, and Jason hopes to pass it onto the next generation, his kids.

Hopefully he will be tiddling along on the roads of Vancouver Island and maybe make it to the Farkle Garage Tiddler run coming up on July 15th.


Is the Honda Ruckus the Coolest 49cc Scooter?

Starting at $2,699 – plus additional charges (tax, license, delivery etc.) the 2017 Honda Ruckus is not the cheapest 49cc scooter, but it delivers on fun in a big way. Starting with a liquid-cooled single-cylinder 49cc engine and a one-speed Honda V-matic® automatic transmission, the Honda Ruckus has proven itself to be a popular scooter for years. Now, there is a new color selection red and white.

“Nothing on two wheels—or four—has the rugged, minimalist look of a Honda Ruckus. And that’s the whole point. The Ruckus is all about riding down your own road in life, doing things your way, on your schedule. But the Ruckus is about way more than just its unique looks.

It all starts with the Ruckus’ rugged, minimalistic, exoskeletal frame. Minimal bodywork equals minimal hassles. Then there’s the Ruckus’ tough 49cc Honda engine. Plenty of power, and you just push a button to get it started. There’s no hassle with shifting, either; the Ruckus uses a Honda V-matic® automatic transmission. Grab a helmet, maybe toss on a daypack or a messenger bag, and you’re off while your friends are still waiting for the bus. ”

We expect to test this scooter and many other scooters on a new Autowerkz.TV show which begins shooting sometime in late 2017!


Look at these cool Cargar wheels for Golf Carts!

Cragar® brand introduces wheels for the golf market

Franklin, TN – July 6, 2017 – The Carlstar Group announced today the launch of the new Cragar 401C S/S Golf Cart Series. Known as the “original muscle car wheel”, the iconic design of the Cragar S/S wheel has been reimagined and brings head turning hot-rod style to golf carts.

“Modified golf cart trends are rising in the off-road market,” says Ashish Goel, Executive Vice President of Marketing. “When looking at our product portfolio, we felt that the celebrated Cragar S/S was the perfect wheel to cross-over into a golf segment. Now, auto enthusiasts have the ability to ride in style both on the highway, around their community, and to the golf course.”

The lightweight, cast aluminum wheels are available in 10 inch, 12 inch and 14 inch sizes. Tire and wheel assemblies are available in all three sizes.
Established in 1964, the original Cragar S/S wheels created the standard for auto enthusiasts. Known for its timeless style, design and dependable performance in drag racing, the Cragar S/S was coined “the world’s fastest wheel.” As the legend of Cragar S/S wheels grew, demand to expand beyond passenger car wheels became an essential addition to the Cragar wheel portfolio.

Rider’s Paradise: Highway 4 Vancouver Island [Farkle Garage Blog]

I recently rode to Tofino on a motorcycle weekend getaway with my husband.  The roads are  narrow and twisty – riding nirvana! The scenery is stunning.  If you haven’t ridden Vancouver Island’s Hwy 4, you are missing out! The treasure at the end HWY 4 is the Pacific Rim National Park where Long Beach is located is a BC surfer mecca.  Just ask Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was here out ripping the waves last summer. At one end of the park is Ucluelet which in the first people’s Nuu chal-nuth language  it means “People of Safe Harbour” on the other end is the fishing hamlet of Tofino which is situated on the picturesque Clayoquot Sound.

You can read this and other blogs on Farkle Garage TV’s website by clicking (here).

Both communities are accessed via Hwy 4, which is very isolated stretch of road. Tofino and Ucluelet draw tourists from around the globe to take advantage of the stunning scenery, ocean adventures, hiking/camping and the best motorcycle twisties!

Stop by the Visitor Centre to learn a little bit about the area.

On your ride in stop at the Ellis River and dangle your feet in the icy cold water and enjoy the scenery.

Stop at Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and take a stroll on the beach and wiggle your toes in the sand.

Go for a stroll on Long Beach to find the Red Chairs perched on a rock, the view is incredible!  You will find these chairs in most of Canada’s National Parks which encourages visitors to sit and take in the view.

Once you’ve had enough beach time leisurely make your way into Tofino and explore this eclectic little hamlet.  There are quaint shops to browse in and great places to eat! Enjoy your stay!

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Check out the EV3 Doohan SSR iTank Three-Wheeled, Electric Scooter for $2,999

The EV3 Doohan (SSR in the U.S.) iTank is an electric, three-wheeled scooter that promises high performance (0-28 mph in 4.6-seconds) with its 1500w power, 50/50 weight distribution with a low center of gravity, a 70-mile range and removable batteries which can charge from empty to 100% in about 6-hours using 110v.

This is the improved, second generation (2.0) of this German-designed/Chinese-manufactured scooter.

The EV3 Doohan SSR iTank Three-Wheeled, Electric Scooter is available on Amazon for around $2,999.

Many riders tout the EV3 Doohan SSR iTank Three-Wheeled, Electric Scooter as an extremely easy vehicle to ride. While many cities in the United States allow electric scooter riders to ride without a motorcycle endorsement, it’s a good idea to check with your local DMV for any restrictions.

…and check out this video from LUXURY E-BIKES 46 NGUYEN VAN CỪ HN