Ferrari celebrates 70 years in Maranello, Italy [Via Corsa Magazine]

September is the month for world wide celebrations commemorating the 70th anniversary of the sports car manufacturer Ferrari. Rallies were organized around Europe in early September with events in Korea and the United Kingdom to be held later this month. But the big blowout and the event to top all events was the Ferrari Gala dinner and performance on September 9th and the Concours on September 10th in Maranello, Italy. Stay tuned for more as our Matt Stone was there as was my wife and I!

An amazing Ferrari 500 TRC up close as Ferrari celebrates their 70th anniversary in Maranello, Italy on September 9th and 10th

What goes into servicing a classic Ferrari? Ferrari 250 SWB tribute car at Concourse on the Avenue [Via Corsa Magazine]


For those that had the chance to visit Carmel-by-the-Sea today, you would not have missed THE event of the day! Today was the Concours on the Avenue! This low-key event is held every Tuesday prior to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and a must attend for those fortunate enough to spend the week in the Monterey peninsula!

Today offered a unique display by GTO Engineering with the Ferrari 250 SWB tribute car. Those walking by may have noticed the car was, well, in pieces. Wheels were taken off, brakes missing, and top end of the engine taken apart. Why? As our buddy Steve Kittrell explained it’s all part of an interactive experience showing the show goers what goes into servicing a classic Ferrari. And as the day went on, the car was slowly reassembled into working order! At 3 PM the Ferrari crossed the stage with engine roaring!

GTO Engineering’s Ferrari 250 GT SWB

Englishman Destroyed a £200,000 Ferrari 430 Scuderia – Moments after Taking Delivery [Via Corsa Magazine]

Freaky Friday

Yorkshire, England – Per a Guardian report, a man had a devastating crash in his new Ferrari 430 Scuderia having just picked it up from the dealer.

On the M1 motorway, the 430 veered off the road and fell down an embankment 50 meters down, then engulfed in flames. The driver survived the crash with only minor cuts and bruises. His new 430 Scuderia, on the other hand, suffered a much worse fate.

Police officials on the scene said that the road conditions were slick. Fire and police officials responded quickly to the South Yorkshire overpass to quell the fire. The car was hardly noticeable due to the damage.

When they questioned the driver, with an almost defeatist response, he gave, “It was a Ferrari. I’ve just got it, picked it up an hour ago.”

Always Be Mindful

Devastating news from an automotive enthusiast perspective. This man having just received his car from the dealership, and then this happens. It is not known if this was his only Ferrari model, but owners are well aware of the lengthy process to possess one.

Not to say this man drove irresponsibly since driving conditions were sub-optimal, it is awful to see. With great responsibility, comes great care. Drivers, no matter what model they are driving, should be aware to take the necessary precautions when driving.

But when it is something like a 430 Scuderia fresh from the dealership? Always better to be safe then sorry when taking one of your most prized possessions out in bad weather conditions.

Everyone have a great weekend driving your adventure! If it’s raining or hazardous weather, stay in and work on your sports car, rather than the alternative!

Five Activities to Enjoy during Car Week in Monterey [Via Corsa]

On the Way to Monterey

The premier slate of car enthusiasts’ events is quickly approaching: the infamous Monterey Car Week is upon us! Beginning August 11th, over one hundred thousand people descend upon gorgeous northern California to the largest Concours, rallies and events in the car enthusiasm. Visitors see unbelievable one-off cars, new concept cars, and famous celebrities all while basking under the sumptuous California sun. Here’s a who’s who guide of what you should attend during the festivities:

Top 5 Slate of Events

  1. Pebble Beach Concours – Known as the “World’s Concours d’Elegance,” this spectacle on August 20th is said to the be one of the premier automotive Concours in, you guessed it, the world. In just over two weeks, the multitude and extravagance of truly otherworldly classics will descend upon Pebble Beach Golf Course in Monterey. Automotive classics will compete in 27 classes, and honor the past and look to the future of the automotive culture as a whole.
  2. Concorso Italiano – On August 19th, yet again Concorso Italiano will pull out all the stops with the likes of the 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV, 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, Ferrari 330 GT 2 + 2, Lamborghini LP-640 Murcielago Roadster, 1961 Maserati 3500 GT, and other ethereal Italian spectacles that will grace the Black Horse Golf Course (an aptly named course for this event). For big-time Italian automotive fans, this will surely be the event to attend, especially honoring the 70th Anniversary of Ferrari as well as the 50thAnniversary of the Maserati Ghibili. To book your visit to Concorso Italiano, visit
  3. Legends of the Autobahn – On August 18th at the Nicklaus Club-Monterey, the German automotive aficionado will find their haven at Legends of the Autobahn. This Concours features and celebrates the innovation behind German automotive engineering. Members from Audi Club North America, Mercedes-Benz Club of America and BMW Car Club of America bring their cars from around the country for the opportunity to be crowned “Best in Show or “Best in Class” with over 400 cars registered for the event.
Strolling through downtown Carmel, Calif., you’ll be able to see the likes of this 1967 Iso Grifo. Make sure and have dinner in Carmel and walk through the downtown area one evening during the week


4. Strolling Carmel-by-the-Sea – All these structured events take months of planning and registration to come to reality. For those more spontaneous visitors to Monterey Car Week, truly one of the things to behold is just cruising down Ocean Ave. in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The area also holds a Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours in the downtown area on Tuesday 15th, but it is a treat each night to comb through the downtown Carmel area. Each night, droves of one-off foreign and domestic classics and hyper cars venture through the city, one after the other.   5.Exotics on Cannery Row – Friday August 18th features one other pristine event, which is free to the public – Exotics on Cannery Row. This event will feature over 300 exotic and foreign hyper cars with over 19,000 enthusiasts in attendance. Located off of Cannery Row in Monterey, Calif., this event pits enthusiasts in an absolute breathtaking scenery, accompanied by absolutely sublime foreign exotic cars.

Paving the Way

Much of the events of Monterey Car Week occur during the weekend of August 18th – 20th. But there will be so many small and pop-up events happening throughout the time there, beginning on August 11th. Be sure to get to your slate of events early, as traffic is bumper to bumper with other like-minded enthusiasts doing the same – trying to get from one event to the next. Hope you enjoy your time at Monterey 2017!

Monterey Car Week: Inaugural Black Tie Revolution Rally [Via Corsa Magazine]

Pave the Way to Monterey

Monterey Car Week is now two weeks away! The daze of summer through late July paves the way for the premier automotive enthusiast event on the West Coast, arguably the world. The week will feature countless Concours, lavish events and breathtaking cars around ever turn. For those looking for a fresh rally leading up to the bulk of events during the week, look no further than the inaugural Black Tie Revolution Rally!

Moving the Odometer

Monterey, Calif. — On August 14, the Black Tie Revolution Rally (BTRR) will hold its inaugural event, preceding the events of Monterey Car Week. This rally newcomer features an exclusive drive for the next generation of gearheads who like to turn wrenches and move the odometer. For younger automotive enthusiasts wanting to participate and meet other likeminded persons their age, the BTRR allows these younger passionate auto enthusiasts the opportunity to showcase their cars and passion without the high price tag of a Concours entrance.

For Next Generation Gearheads

Featured in the initial running, BTRR will lead participants through some of the most scenic routes in Monterey, Calif., many not featured in most generic tourist drives. Other highlights of the rally include a chance for crews to roll the dice at each checkpoint for the opportunity to lower their overall time by scavenging for authentic Ferrari parts. Of course, drivers could also do regular check-ins at each time trail, moving forward trying to get the lowest time on their merit solely behind the wheel.

The rally ends at a new winery in the area surrounded by rolling hills for the private after-party, featuring gourmet food, raffles, prizes for the top 3 finishes, live DJ, and highly refined wine. One hundred participants will compete in 50 cars in the initial running. If you would like to register for next year’s festivities, leading up to Monterey Car Week 2018, please contact the president of BTRR, Taylor Wrighton:

European Mountain Driving Tips [Via Cporsa Magazine]

Reaching the Summit

For the thrill seekers and supreme adventurers, a European vacation is just what the doctor ordered. But traveling through European cities, countrysides and mountain ranges can be rather daunting if you do not go into the situation prepared accordingly. Here are some tips for traveling through the European Alps.

  • Driving in the mountains – Roads on the mountain passes abide by basic traffic rules, but there are more requirements as it pertains to driving on mountain roads. Rules can change depending on which country you are traveling through. Do your research to understand the differentiation of rules when traveling on mountain roads
  • Prevent an overheated engine – As opposed to traveling on float roads and surfaces, you do not need to change gears as quickly when traveling on stout inclined roads. If you are using a 5-gear car, it is a good rule of thumb to stay in first or third gear.
  • Mind the brakes – Use a low gear and a high engine speed when descending. Would advise using the same gear that was used during the ascent. The engine this way will mostly do the deceleration. This will save the brakes, which can get too warm if used frequently. You do not want brakes to get too hot. Pull over to a safe zone if your car indicates that the engine or brakes are too hot.
  • Adjust your driving style – Safety is of paramount importance when driving in the mountainsMountain roads are narrow, curvy and steep. Crash barriers or fences are predominantly present but are not always designed to actually stop a vehicle in the event of a crash. Also, need to be aware of cyclists, pedestrians, cattle and other motorists. More so than on regular roads, concentration to a revised and cautious driving style are of grave importance.
  • Be mindful of your vision – Your vision while driving on mountain roads can be obstructed easily. Many factors can contribute to your vision being skewed: rock walls, trees, curves, cyclists, hikers, cattle and rubble can all provide obstructions. Be sure to stay in your lane and when objects come into your peripherals or migrating into a curve, use caution and decelerate until you are through a potential obstruction.

If you would like more detail on how to travel through mountain passes, visit Driving in the mountains.

Photographing at a Car Enthusiast Event – Near You [Via Corsa Magazine]

The Ferrari 250 Breadvan from Tour Auto 2014, just a snippet of the great work by Singhof, traveling to car events all over the world.

Combing the Auto Enthusiast Scene

As a fellow photographer ran past me a few years back, I thought to myself, “I think I know him.” I knew I had seen that ponytail before. A few months later and an ocean away, yet again the ponytail guy races past me, loaded with camera in hand.

When I finally caught up to him, I introduced myself. I learned that for years this freelance photographer has shot everything from the Arizona Concours in Phoenix, to the Le Mans Classic in France and the Pebble Beach Concours during Monterey Car Week. Learn more about the photographer extraordinaire – Peter Singhof:

Meet the Enthusiast

Ron: Peter, who do you work for?


Ron: But you’re freelance?

Peter: Yes, I am freelance, but Anamera is my primary income.

With the ponytail tucked behind the hat, surely you’ll recognize this photographer at the next auto enthusiast event.

Ron: I see you at every event. Unbelievable, but you seem to be at all of them. So, how did this all begin?

Peter: It began as a hobby. I was restoring cars with my parents, so I was looking at cars all of the time. I bought my first camera, shot some pictures, which by today’s standards are horrible, but eventually I became published, and so I got more and more into it. Now I do it full-time.

Ron: I see you in Europe quite often, certainly at Le Mans.

Peter: I’m in Europe about every 2nd weekend with an event; sometimes the events are on the same dates.

Ron: That’s amazing! Most people dream of going to one of these events a year; you go to every event.

Peter: It also has a downside. You get used to going. That first-time enjoyment that you used to receive from an event such as Goodwood Revival, you’re just blown away by the atmosphere. It’s not only about the cars, but it’s about the people dressed up. Well, that captivation disappears after the 10th time because it looks the same every year. For you, it’s still special, but the magic is gone a bit. So, that’s why I always look forward to new events.

Did you enjoy meeting the photographer enthusiast? You can read more about Peter’s work and his various travels in Via Corsa Magazine’s issue 7.

Florida Has the Keys to a Great Drive [Via Corsa Magazine

Bahia Honda Bridge showing picnic area. Color photo by Jack and Bill Levy. Post card. The DeWolfe and Wood Collection.

Ahh, the sunny side of Florida. Waking up to fresh, crisp breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. The isthmus of Florida is the convergence of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. During the summer months, venturing down to Florida for the multitude of attractions is sure to excite the adventurous enthusiast.

Making Your Way Down South, Pace is Fast on the Overseas Highway

Florida features Disney World, thousands of miles of coastline and natural wonders. If you get the chance, you should venture to the southernmost tip of the state: the Florida Keys. Crystal blue water and beautiful scenery await you, but first to get there, the real adventure starts.

To access the Florida Keys, visitors must use the Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West. Spanning the length of the Florida Keys, this route takes visitors on an absolutely sublime drive along emerald waters and sultry landscapes.

Photo via

For those looking for another adventurous drive, you should venture to the Atlantic side of the state on the Scenic A1A route. This 72-mile stretch of road takes adventurers through historic St. Augustine and some of America’s most beautiful nature preserves and beaches.

Weekend Summer Drives: New Hampshire [Via Corsa Magazine]

Spring Already Sprung, Time to Soak in the Wonder of Summer

Not only is the Northeast the hub of United States History, it also serves as a prime region for automotive adventure. Nestled away from the bright lights of New York, states like Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont accentuate the beauty of countryside and cottage excursions.

In addition, the state we would like to highlight for this first weekend of June (de facto first “full” summer weekend) would be New Hampshire.

The Nuzzle of the New Hampshire Huddle

New Hampshire, or also known as “The Granite State,” features over 1,000 miles of scenic byway. Wouldn’t think it would? Sandwiched between Vermont and New Hampshire, the state’s territory and almost lack of spotlight teams it with a vastness of road and rolling land, unkempt from big city interests and populous.

The Connecticut River Scenic Byway is one of particular joy and adventure. Taking visitors through the gorgeous views of the New Hampshire countryside, this byway runs along the western border of New Hampshire. Summer time presents a perfect opportunity to tour this gorgeous scenic byway, with absolutely optimal temperatures and fresh ocean air coming from the upper Atlantic.

Other regions of particular quaintness and interest would be the Merrimack Valley, where you can choose from 10 other scenic byways in this region. Also, the Seacoast region takes travelers along the tiny snippet of New Hampshire coast presenting a particularly striking and beautiful area.

Look back for other drives and destinations during the remainder of the summer to go out and drive your adventure!

Await the Extravagance of the Villa d’Este Concorso

Set Against the Breathtaking Views of Lake Como

The northern Italy region of Lombardy situates itself on the lower edge of the Alps. The area is beaming with fertile valleys and a rolling typography along with breathtaking scenery. Particularly, the Italy Lake District elicits a famous and tranquil setting, especially during the late spring and early summer months.

Lake Como encapsulates the sentiment of ideal scenery fully. With a temperate May climate (albeit a bit cool with temperatures in the 60 degrees Fahrenheit), brisk air coming across the Lake and an abundance of sunshine, Lake Como bestows one of the most wondrous and extravagant events in all the automotive world: the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, starting this Memorial Day Weekend from May 26th to May 28th.

The Mystique of Classic Cars

If the setting does not entice you, the cars will. Located on the grounds Grand Hotel Villa d’Este on Lake Como, the Concorso features 50 cars from a six-decade period of innovation and marvel. The allure of the event lies with the adherence to historic classics.

The theme of the 2017 Concorso will feature “Around the World in 80 Days – Voyage through an Era of Records.” Stunning vehicles set against a serene backdrop will surely live up to its infamous prowess.

Maserati Mostro Zagato on display at the 2015 Villa d’Este. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Arnaud.

An exclusive panel of international judges will critique the assortment of 50 vehicles under an array of separate categories. The historic vehicles on display will feature classics crafted between a six-decade period from the 1920s through the 1980s.

Transporting to a Bygone Era

Due to its location and tradition, the Concorso’s atmosphere remains unmatched. From 1920 Delage CO 1/4 Litres to 1934 Rolls-Royce Phatoms, the events of the weekend beam with class and extravagance. Unrivaled beauty and novelty of the location and types of historic classics pits the event in rarified air. The crowning of Best in Show, the BMW Group Trophy, will present the winning classic on Sunday.

The cradle of the Lombardy region houses a certain discipline and refinement. Artisans work to perfect their craft in this area, which has given the world parmesan cheese, the best leather goods and Ferrari vehicles. What better way to soak up this nuance than by being transporting through time.

Follow Via Corsa with more coverage from Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este!