Built in India: Check out the Ather S340 Electric Scooter

Built in India, the Ather S340 Electric Scooter is a medium range vehicle that uses up-to-date technology in a tidy package. The Ather S340 Electric Scooter shines a spotlight at India’s emerging high tech manufacturing. Every day, India grows in tech savvy sophistication and companies like Ather Energy look competitive right out of the box.

See more at https://www.atherenergy.com


A connected touchscreen dashboard. Integrate it with vehicle firmware, sync it with our cloud database and layer with predictive analytics. Serve this to curious data scientists and the possibilities of the connected S340 are now endless.


Vehicles of tomorrow will offer deep personalization. Our first step, the S340. It comes with two riding modes – Sport & Economy and customizable profiles that allow you to configure your scooter settings with a tap.


Pick up your phone. It might just be a notification from your S340. Now talk to your 3G enabled scooter through an app which allows you to configure your ride and profile preferences. And you can even sync your navigation routes with your dashboard, from the comfort of your home.


With 24×7 connectivity*, the cord with Ather remains uncut. The vehicle’s critical data is constantly analyzed and regular improvements are made with over the air firmware and software updates. How about adding a new feature for enhancing your ride experience? Absolutely possible. Delivered via the air.


We’re a team of 2-wheeler enthusiasts who are engineers at heart. A tough bunch to please. To be truly happy with the S340, we had to build it ground up, crafting it part by part. The result. A creation with every part working in complete harmony and a scooter that we love to ride.


The inspiration from performance bikes carries through the design philosophy. A dynamic silhouette with a kicked out rear wheel and a distinct forward leaning profile lends the S340 a sportier stance.



The S340 is designed with a balanced Front- Rear weight ratio and a rear mono shock suspension, akin to high performance bikes. Coupled with a Zero Lateral Offset and Low Center of Gravity, the S340 has the stability to negotiate even the meanest of city conditions.



Each and every part of the S340 has been built with tons of passion. But when it came to putting it to the test, we were its biggest enemy. Months of unemotional performance tests on the most gruesome terrain and harshest rigs have made the city a cake walk for the S340.


The S340 has a smart LED headlamp that switches on automatically and controls light intensity based on ambient light conditions.


Electric was obvious. Better control, cleaner fuel and purely more efficient. Things that the future won’t relent on. But its true power is unleashed by our battery pack – better thermal design, cell arrangement, and integrated battery management system. Owning an electric vehicle will never be a compromise again.


With instant torque and quick acceleration, the S340 gives you an edge in stop and go traffic conditions. Off the block in a blink.


Start the day, zip to your workplace, hit the gym post work, head to the grocery store, grab a bite, get back home and still have charge to spare. With a 60 km range at 72 kmph, the electric ride is no longer a compromise between range and performance.


Long charging hours are a thing of the past. Faster than most smartphones, the charger of the S340 charges 80% in under 50 mins. This means you are back in action by the time you finish your lunch.



Structurally robust, thermally efficient and intelligently designed, the battery pack offers an uncompromised ride for 50,000 kms. The IP 67 rated battery pack can also take a dip under 1 m of water in waterlogged areas for a good 30 minutes and still not catch a cold!


We have not only built a scooter that you will love but have also carefully crafted every experience around it. From offering door step vehicle delivery & service to thoughtfully located charging points to dedicated relationship managers, we aim to make every interaction with you a delightful experience.

It’s NEVER boring when Clive is around……. [Farkle Garage]


Here’s what he’s about to cross.

Clive Brown is one of the builders/hosts of Farkle Garage and an integral part of the Farkle Garage Team. It looks like he’s about to get a little wet. Here’s the post from Farkle Garage: Nothing stops Clive “Ironbutt” Brown, not even flooding of the Trans Canada Trail! Although a good slice of pizza may make him pause a moment or two.

Rockabilly Bliss: Hot Rod Rock and Rumble at the Pikes Peak International Raceway

This is the place to be on September 29th and 30th for all of you hot rod lovers!

The Autowerkz.TV crew hopes to see you at the 2017 Hot Rod Rock and Rumble car show at the Pikes Peak International Raceway (PPIR), located near Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. Vintage hot rods, racecars and rockabilly bands will be on hand along with vendors, great food and a dance party on Friday, September 29th!

The address is: 16650 Midway Ranch Rd, Fountain, CO 80817

For more information, go to http://www.HOTRODROCK.com

We hope to see you there!

The Fast Lane Truck has a Ton of Jeep Scrambler and Jeep JK/JL updates!

This new video from the boys at The Fast Lane Truck (TFLtruck.com) features the latest news on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK, the upcoming JL and the Jeep Scrambler pickup truck.

Here’s a taste!

“How much will the new 2019 Jeep Scrambler (Wrangler-based) pickup truck be able to tow? We get a glimpse into this question with the following prototype image. This photo comes to us via Facebook, uploaded by FourWheeler.com..”

There’s that and more in this video!

What goes into servicing a classic Ferrari? Ferrari 250 SWB tribute car at Concourse on the Avenue [Via Corsa Magazine]


For those that had the chance to visit Carmel-by-the-Sea today, you would not have missed THE event of the day! Today was the Concours on the Avenue! This low-key event is held every Tuesday prior to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and a must attend for those fortunate enough to spend the week in the Monterey peninsula!

Today offered a unique display by GTO Engineering with the Ferrari 250 SWB tribute car. Those walking by may have noticed the car was, well, in pieces. Wheels were taken off, brakes missing, and top end of the engine taken apart. Why? As our buddy Steve Kittrell explained it’s all part of an interactive experience showing the show goers what goes into servicing a classic Ferrari. And as the day went on, the car was slowly reassembled into working order! At 3 PM the Ferrari crossed the stage with engine roaring!

GTO Engineering’s Ferrari 250 GT SWB

What is Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA?

All of the information in this post regarding the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA is based on rumor, speculation and a few facts. Based on Mercedes-Benz new modular electric vehicle platform, the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA will debut at the  2017 Frankfort Motor Show and it will compete with vehicles like the BMW i3, Volkswagen E-Golf and Tesla Model 3 – among others.

This concept it rumored to become a hatchback and run around $40,000 or (possibly) less.

It appears to be about the same size as the current Mercedes-Benz B Class.

Check out this informative video from FutureCars on Youtube!



If you speak German – this next (Ausfahrt.tv) video could be informative too!


Cruising the local Ice Cream Shops in a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica [Team Clear Coat blog]


Our friends at Team Clear Coat took a bunch of PR folk shopping for ice cream in a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Hilarity ensued and, despite not having special guest Ruth Bader Ginsburg attend, (maybe next time guys) – the celebrity PR folks from FCA and Subaru (former Subaru PR) enjoyed the ride.


Somehow, we at TeamClearCoat were recently invited to a press drive event in Estes Park, Colorado. We drove a lot of cars, but one of the highlights for us was the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Being new to video reviews and well-documented idiots, we decided to load up the van with whoever was standing around and go for ice cream. Along the way, we discussed “swass,” road-trip stories, and the appropriate amount of time to stare at necking teenagers.

Check out the video!



… clearly, they have too much time on their hands.

Tiny Greatness: Watch as TFLcar puts the Fourth Generation 2017 Kia Rio to the Test

The 2017 Kia Rio is a small runabout that’s small on the outside, large inside and very affordable to live with. While B-segment, or “entry level” cars are not as sexy and exciting as some vehicles, they are immeasurably important to worldwide sales. Small cars start many down the path of “pride of ownership” and, for many, a taste of freedom. They represent something special for consumers who dream of owning something new, something fun, something reliable and something that can haul their family.

You can read more about the 2017 Kia Rio at TFLcar.com.

In this video, Roman Mica – Managing Editor and Host of TFLcar and TFLtruck puts the little 2017 Kia Rio through its paces. Along with a special guest, Mica finds little to fault the small car with.


Wallys Automotive, Tunisia’s only car maker, Builds Fun Looking Vehicles

This little runabout, the Wallys Iris is a three-cylinder, front-drive utility vehicle with an all fiberglass body. It looks a bit like a Jeep, but it shares no components with any FCA vehicle; however, it does use Peugeot components. The most remarkable thing is: this vehicle is built in Tunisia!

Here’s their story.

The idea was born in 2005 during a fortuitous meeting on the island of Wallis and Futuna between the Guiga brothers and the former JEEP Dallas – Mr René Boesch. Passionate about niche vehicles since their childhood, the two brothers are inspired by their meeting and decide to make the big leap: the creation of a new car brand: the Wallys Car.

In 2006 the brothers Zied and Omar Guiga founded the company and began the design work in a modest workshop in Tunis. In drawing the Wallys, they keep in mind four key principles:

Limited dimensions for easy movement and parking

Simplify the driver’s life by designing a robust and economical vehicle.

Offering a neo-retro style with timeless lines.

Produce a highly reliable vehicle.

Only two years later, the Wallys IZIS is presented at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. Equipped with a completely fiberglass body, a galvanized chassis and a Powertrain PSA engine, the model is homologated in Europe and is entering production in 2009. It is very successful internationally.

In 2013 Wallys delivers to its customers the latest IZIS vehicles and immediately begins the preparation of its “big sister”, the Wallys IRIS. With this new model, the company decides to move to its new more modern factory and overlooking the southern entrance of Tunis.

This is where Wallys develops and builds the IRIS with great care to the details of the chassis, the bodywork, through the numerous mechanical and electronic components.

Since its inception, Wallys has produced more than 730 cars, with PSA Powertrain engines. This is the result of a relationship of mutual trust and shared values ​​that make it possible to design and produce Wallys vehicles with the most reliable, economical and compact engines on the market.





Supporting American Farmers – Check out the new 2018 Ram Harvest Edition

Ram Launches its new 2018 Ram Harvest Edition!

  • Ram supports American farmers with the first truck designed specifically for the agriculture
  • industry Ram Harvest Edition available in Case IH Red and New Holland Blue
  • Ram Harvest Edition combines capability, technology and premium appearance
  • Ram is celebrating its agricultural bonds with a new model designed specifically for America’s farm
  • families.The Ram Harvest Edition is the industry’s first agricultural-market-specific truck and is visually
  • distinguished by two new colors: Case IH Red and New Holland Blue.
“The Ram Harvest Edition marks the first time that Ram dealers will be able to stock trucks that exactly
match the colors of two of the most popular lines of farm equipment in the nation,” said Mike Manley,
Head of Jeep & Ram Brands, FCA Global. “Farmers have been asking for these colors, and Ram is proud
to be the first in the industry to be able to offer them. The Ram Harvest Edition truck will allow farm
families to get their work done while proudly showing their agricultural brand loyalty.”
Case IH and New Holland farm tractors and other agricultural equipment are manufactured by
subsidiaries of CNH Industrial. CNH Industrial N.V. shares a common ancestry with Fiat Chrysler
Automobiles N.V.
The Harvest Edition will be available across the Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 lineup, in all four-door Quad,
Crew and Mega Cab configurations, all box lengths and all powertrains, including 5.7-liter HEMI V8, 6.4-
liter HEMI V8 and 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel.
Harvest Edition trucks are loaded with features that are designed to work. Among them, a ride-height
increase of one inch and aggressive on/off-road tires on Ram 1500 Harvest Edition trucks are designed to
help owners comfortably and confidently navigate rough farm roads and pastures.
Also included in the farm-life essentials are black tubular side steps, a durable spray-in bedliner, fold-out
bumper step and mud flaps, rubber floor mats, skid plates and tow hooks (4×4) and heated seats. Ram
Heavy Duty models also come with on/off-road tires and add a cargo-view camera.
Because Ram knows farmers are tech savvy, the Harvest Edition comes standard with an 8.4-inch
Uconnect 4C touch-screen radio with navigation, 4G Wifi, Apple Car Play and Android Auto. That gives
buyers seamless connectivity, fingertip access to smartphone map mirroring, and up-to-the minute
weather maps and forecasts customizable to any location in the nation.
The Harvest Edition features a premium exterior appearance packed with bright highlights, including a
chrome “Wave Mesh” luxury cross-hair grille, bright front and rear bumpers, 17-in. chrome wheels (1500
models, 18-in. polished aluminum on Heavy Duty models), chrome mirrors, chrome door handles and
chrome-tipped dual exhausts (V8 1500 models).
The Harvest package also includes body-colored (or Bright Silver) wheel flares and upper facia (1500),
In addition to Case Red and New Holland Blue, Harvest Edition Ram trucks are also available in Bright
White and Brilliant Black. Monotone and two-tone with Bright Silver color schemes are available.
Ram 1500 Harvest Edition MSRP starts at $39,910 plus $1,395 destination charge. Ram Heavy Duty
models start at $46,235.
Ram Harvest Edition trucks were unveiled today at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill., and go on
sale third quarter 2017.
  • About Ram Truck and America’s Farmers
    Farming continues to be a part of the foundation on which Ram’s success is built. Ram stands by its
    commitment to the farm community, supporting the future of farming and the development of the next
    generation of farmers and future leaders in agriculture.
    From the entry-level Ram 1500 Tradesman work truck to the fully loaded Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn
    Heavy Duty model, America’s longest-lasting pickup truck offers a range of products that appeal to both
    ag business and farming families.
    Ram also provides various affiliate reward programs supporting American agricultural customers
    including: Case IH and New Holland equipment purchasers, National FFA Organization members,
    Farmers in America farm owners and Dairy Farmers of America members.
    About Ram Certified Agriculture Dealership Program
    The Ram Certified Agriculture Dealership program equips dealers to properly address the needs of
    farmers and ranchers in their local communities.
    Agriculture is meaningful to many truck customers and through the Ram Certified Agriculture Dealership
    program, Ram Truck aims to extend its commitment to the local agricultural community by equipping Ram
    Truck dealers to properly serve local farmers and ranchers.
    RCAD is designed to educate dealership staff and requires that they complete a competency-based
    grassroots training curriculum which is dedicated to helping Ram truck dealers gain a greater awareness
    and address the needs of the farming and ranching communities.
    Certified Agricultural Dealerships help farmers and ranchers get the right Ram light-duty, heavy-duty and
    commercial trucks for their needs and help them take advantage of incentives and bonus offers.
    With the purchase of every new Ram truck Certified Ag Dealers offer a farm-specific package worth more
    than $5,300 that includes a discount on Crop Copter Ag Drone products, a voucher toward AgroLiquid
    Crop Nutrition and a subscription to Agrible’s Grower Bundle.
    A first-of-its-kind in the industry, this certification lets farm and ranch families know staff at these
    dealerships have a far deeper understanding of agriculture business and its unique vehicle requirements.
    It also signals the dealership’s commitment to activities like the timing of the cherry harvest, milking
    schedules and calving season by adjusting parts of its operations to accomodate the demands of every
    commodity and every season.
    To become a Ram Certified Agricultural Dealer, participating dealers are required to select at least three
    team members to successfully complete a lengthy agriculture literacy curriculum. The programs one each
    from the parts department, service department and sales so knowledge will be spread across the major
    segments of the business.
    The first Ram CAD dealers were certified in early 2016 and now number nearly 200