Odd Truck Dragrace: Diesel vs Big Displacement at High Elevation! [TFLtruck video]


Photo via: TFLtruck.com

These boys love to race just about anything against each other. Minivans, crossovers, sports cars, electric cars and – yes – even big trucks. This time it’s old vs older as Roman Mica and Andre (the Cowboy) Smirnov race their own vehicles against each other.

“What happens when you Drag race a old Ford Raptor vs an older Heavy Duty Silverado with the Duramax Turbo Diesel? Watch this video to find out.”


What is the Secret to the 2018 Dodge Demon’s World Record 1/4-mile Run?

Photos and video via: TFLcar.com

Join us as we watch the 2018 Dodge Demon lights up the drag-strip. The guys at TFLcar gets a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make a track just right for this brawny machine. There’s a lot more to prep a racetrack over a lump of concrete.