Check out the Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Electric Fisker Emotion


There isn’t a ton of information available on the upcoming Fisker Emotion; however, these stunning images recently hit the net, how could we resist posting these? Henrik Fisker is a design genius and, we all agreed, he knocked this exterior out of the park. We wish we had more information.

Here are a few things we know (According to Fisker):

  • The Fisker Emotion is all-electric
  • It will have up to a 400 mile range
  • Top speed is 161 mph
  • Prices start at about $130,000
  • The Fisker Emotion is slated to go into production in 2019

If Henrik Fisker is able to pull this vehicle off, he will be competing directly against Elon Musk. There’s nothing as good for the automotive consumer as competitive automakers.

What would a Tesla Model H Helicopter Look Like?

These amazing renderings of what a Tesla Model H Helicopter Concept  could look like were penned by Italian designer Antonio Paglia. The images show the Tesla Model H Concept in various roles including rescue. Check out the four helper thrusters located on the elliptical wing.

While there has been no announcement, Elon Musk is quite an avid aviator fan. Considering all of the time and money he’s invested in SpaceX, who knows what other type of aircraft he would be interested in. While there have been other electric helicopter renderings out there, this one is especially cool looking.

It’s a fascinating take on what appears to be a pilot-less, electric helicopter could be.