Lazier Racing – Across the Bricks, One More Time [Racing Journal]

By Flinn Lazier:

Memorial day weekend had finally rolled around after the long off season for the Lazier Racing team.

Going into the month was probably one of the biggest scrambles we’ve ever had, as one of our old ‘partners’ decided to take some of our body kit and equipment. Finding new gear for our car proved to be a challenge and we were soon asking to borrow parts (even a steering wheel) from other full time teams.

Luckily we were able to bring everything together in time for about 30 laps of practice before qualifying.

Although this does not seem like very much time, the team came in and absolutely gave everything they had to get our car across the bricks once again. Rolling off the line for qualifying it was clear that our car was still in race trim as we never had the time to trim the car out for qualifying still having a lot of downforce in the car. But after the first qualifying season the team decided to take a little wing out to see if we could get maybe just one extra mile an hour out of her.

All said and done, laying it on the line, and putting on an unpredictable set up, we put down a very good time for our program placing the car in the 30th starting possession, the first time in Lazier Racing history that we have not been on the last row of the grid.

After a long week of media appearances it was finally time to see if we had anything new to bring to the speedway. Unfortunately we were missing one piece going into the race and that was the weight jacker. The weight jacker moves weight in the car to allow the driver to make balance changes while in the driving, a very important tool used at Indy.

We started off a little sluggish, we ran out of fuel right before coming in for our first pit stop having to restart the car which held us up and put us two laps down. After our first stop we started to make up ground again and made up 1 of our laps. We started to find a happy rhythm after the red flag and moved up to 26th.

Unfortunately we started to lose radio contact and the car soon became out of balance. The team could no longer give pit instructions for the moment and it started to become clear that the car was suffering from a creeping oversteer.

A tire can only be pushed so far. Entering turn two the car became unstable and threw the middle of the corner the right rear tire gave up sending Buddy and the car into the outside wall at 225MPH. The car spun so quickly he hit the wall head on pulling a several G impact and costing to a stop at the middle of the back straight away.

Luckily Dallara, Chevy, and the whole Indy Car team have become so advanced and so good in their work that he climbed out with only the wind knocked out of him and a sore chest. Without the extreme attention to detail by these groups people like Scott and even Buddy may no longer be with us today and the sport would not be the ex.

The Lazier Racing car suffered bodywork damage and slight brushes to the tub, nothing that can’t be fixed. With a new 2018 body kit, help from our partners, and the priceless work put in from the crew, we will be back and hopefully better than ever.

Every year we build our program and maybe someday we can grow into something much bigger than what we are now. For now we continue to grow the Lazier brand, Lazier name, and the three generation Lazier legacy. We will be coming out with shirts, hats, and other items soon on our web-site that will be announced soon on all of our social media branches. This amazing opportunity would not be possible without the Hulman George Family, everyone who volunteers during the month of May, Jeff Teague with The Factory, Dario, Stalk It, Chevrolet and all the crew members who give it their all during the month of may, Thank you!

Flinn Lazier: Road Atlanta SCCA Super Tour Round 5 & 6 [Racing Journal]

By: Flinn Lazier

Going into the third weekend of the SCCA Super tour GP4 Series, we were expecting to struggle at the beginning of the weekend because of a last minute car rebuild. The rebuild meant we would have to start from scratch and find a fast set up quickly. The first day of open practice, we slowly dialed in some of the new components we installed, like brakes and conformability. This was before we started to push and play with the limits.

After getting the car to a comfortable balance we decided to throw on a fresh pair of slicks to see what we could put down.

The next season; we went out on slicks and set a 1:28.6, a second faster than 2nd and, what would be, the fastest time of the weekend. We only made one mistake, we put the slicks on two sessions early. After we ran the fast time we went out for two more 30-minute sessions. We didn’t have any other sets.

Quali came fast after testing Saturday morning. We were half a second off the time we ran the day before and the car felt like it was starting to loose grip. We got the red flag halfway through the session,  another car hit the tire barrier on the exit of turn 5. We sat 3rd for the moment but this gave us some time to recuperate and get ready for two hard pushing laps.

Coming up and under the bridge out of 10B I used all the road and prepped for two on the edge laps. Dancing through the track it was clear that the tires were slower from the previous day, coming across the line we qualified 2nd, two tenths behind P1, we were happy considering the life of our tires.

The race came came. It was sunny, dry and a great day to go racing. Off the line, we had a strong start and challenged for the lead, after the opening laps I could already feel weakness in the tires, using grace and pushing as carefully as possible we began to get closer and closer to the leader. Getting as close as two car lengths behind I planned my next move to overtake, but before I could the yellow flag fell, we were under a full course caution because of multiple wrecks.

Not losing a second of focus, we were ready for the restart. The green fell and the leader was not ready, we took the lead and lead for two more laps before the next full course caution. The race ended under yellow which meant we would take the win. Very happy with our result especially considering we had older tires then the rest of the field. The team pulled the car together at the last minute and still made it reliable and quick. We did great considering it was a very hard fought race in the field of twenty other Formula Enterprise drivers.

The next stop of the SCCA Super Tour could be at VIR (Virginia International Raceway) in April, but there is a possibility that we will stop by Miami for the first round of the 2017 US F4 season.

More to come!