TATA Magic Iris: the Tiny Van is Awesomely Unique

Tata Magic Iris van 1
The Tata Magic IRIS Micro Van is a utilitarian, simple vehicle built for the masses of India both as a transport and a work truck. It’s also one of the most bonkers, odd-ball, bananas designs ever seen on a mass-production vehicle. That’s why it’s cool.

Being that efficiency is the name of the game, the Tata Magic IRIS Micro Van comes with an (about) 11 horsepower, single-cylinder, 611-cc, four-stroke diesel that makes about 22.8 lbs-feet of torque at 1,600 rpm. It’s hardly a powerhouse, but it was never meant to be one.

Tata Magic Iris van int
The front suspension is a independent MacPherson Strut, hydraulic double acting shock absorber setup. The rear suspension is a coil spring with semi trailing arm, hydraulic double acting shock absorber setup.

It has a four-speed manual transmission feeding the rear wheels and four-wheel drum brakes – yes, “drum” brakes. Look, they are cheap and low maintenance – right? Besides, the Tata Magic Iris only weighs about 1,500 lbs. It’s less than 10 feet long, yet it’s supposed to hold four people comfortably. There’s a separate luggage compartment in the rear, just over the engine/gearbox location.

Tata Magic Iris van chart
Price? About $3,465 U.S.

I enjoy looking for unusual trucks around the world. Finding innovative thinking for vehicles we’ll never see in the North American market can be rewarding. Just look at how they designed this little thing! It’s a cab-over design that would never pass muster in our safety tests; sure, but it looks fantastically bizarre!

Tata Magic Iris van 2
I desperately want to drive one.

Check out this fun promotional video!

Check out the highly utilitarian Suzuki Air Triser Concept


The Suzuki Air Triser Concept will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show and its main draw is its novel configurability. Powered by a 1.4-liter (1,372cc) inline 4-cylinder which works with a hybrid system, this tiny van has a five-speed transmission that’s connected to an all-wheel drive (AWD) system.

There’s no mistaking its looks which hark back to older Volkswagen vans. It has that groove alright, but it still looks modern,

It truly is tiny. Its length is 13-feet and it’s only 6 & 1/2-feet wide and 5.9-feet tall. That’s smaller than a Ford Focus. Despite this, it’s a three-row tiny van that has a multi-adjustable interior. It’s built to become a lounge, so long as the Suzuki Air Triser Concept is not moving.

While this concept looks almost production-ready, it’s doubtful it will make it to production.

Check out these photos!

If you look carefully where the black panel and Suzuki emblem is, that area becomes a multimedia interface.

The wooden floor is not only a unique design for this vehicle, other automakers are beginning to incorporate wood into future deigns of other vehicles worldwide.