Proof that Subaru Once Made Cool Trucks: the 1969 Subaru Sambar 360 Pickup Truck

Via: TFLtruck
What you’re seeing here is a prime example of a 1969 Subaru Sambar 360 Pickup Truck. This baby is a two-stroke, so you have to mix your oil and petrol. This model was for sale three years ago and these photos accompanied the truck. Yep, I said truck. This model probably has the 20 -25 horsepower (18 kW) air-cooled 356cc (EK series) engine. It was later replaced by the more powerful (EK34) water-cooled engine. A three-speed manual transmission was standard.

According to Wikipedia: “The nickname for this generation is “baban” Sambar.”

These trucks (there – I said it again) were street legal in the United States and could fly down the highway at nearly 55 mph. This is the same engine and gearbox found in the tiny Subaru 360 and it had a hell of a time moving it quickly. Around town, they are quick enough and easy to park. On large North American highways, they are not especially happy. Add some crosswinds and your Subaru Sambar 360 Pickup was downright unhappy.

I have firsthand experience driving one of these from Southern California to Seattle WA. It wasn’t fun. Still, the Subaru Sambar 360 Pickup Truck is a hoot around town.