The Youabian Puma – What is It?

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The Youabian Puma is a (very) large convertible that incorporates components from several automakers (Volvo and General Motors to name a few). Hand-built in Los Angeles, CA – the Puma might be one of the largest, and most unusual vehicles that uses a hard-top convertible system.

A massive V8 and six-speed automatic transmission power the rear wheels. It looks like it can handle some off-road adventure, provided that its long wheelbase doesn’t hinder its travel. It’s not an amphibian, nor does the vehicle appear to have active suspension to lift or lower it.

About as long as an average school bus, the Youabian Puma has massive tires and has an available 4X4 setup. You can read up on other details (here). The Puma was on display at the Concorso Italiano a few years back and it carries a 1.1-million dollar price tag.

Here’s some of their PR:

Youabian Puma

It was conceptualized for those individuals who dare to be different than the ordinary. Those who go a step beyond achieving and dreaming the best that they can be.

The Youabian Puma’s design was based on feedback from many wealthy individuals around the world who wanted something different and unique. Wealthy individuals who were bored of owning exotic sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. The Puma’s goal is not to be the fastest in the world, but to be the most unique, just like its owners.

The Puma was conceived, designed, engineered and built in Los Angeles, California. It incorporates the most technologically advanced features offered in the automotive industry , along with a fully automated convertible hardtop.

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Racing Inspired Cast Aluminum V-8
7.0 liters / 427 cubic inches
505 Horsepower @ 6200 RPM
470 lb.-ft. Torque @ 4800 RPM

Bore x Stroke:
104.8 x 101.6 (mm) / 4.125 x 4.00 (in)

Compression Ratio 11.0:1
Redline: 7000 RPM
Titanium Connecting Rods
Titanium Intake Valves
Dry-Sump Oiling System
Recommended Fuel: 91 Octane Unleaded

Fuel Injection: Electronic Fuel Injection
Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic with Tiptronic
Drivetrain: 4×4 Four-Wheel Drive (Optional) Posi Traction
Axle Ratio: 6.00

Fuel Tank Capacity: 18 Gallons, Dual Fuel Tanks


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