Five Activities to Enjoy during Car Week in Monterey [Via Corsa]

On the Way to Monterey

The premier slate of car enthusiasts’ events is quickly approaching: the infamous Monterey Car Week is upon us! Beginning August 11th, over one hundred thousand people descend upon gorgeous northern California to the largest Concours, rallies and events in the car enthusiasm. Visitors see unbelievable one-off cars, new concept cars, and famous celebrities all while basking under the sumptuous California sun. Here’s a who’s who guide of what you should attend during the festivities:

Top 5 Slate of Events

  1. Pebble Beach Concours – Known as the “World’s Concours d’Elegance,” this spectacle on August 20th is said to the be one of the premier automotive Concours in, you guessed it, the world. In just over two weeks, the multitude and extravagance of truly otherworldly classics will descend upon Pebble Beach Golf Course in Monterey. Automotive classics will compete in 27 classes, and honor the past and look to the future of the automotive culture as a whole.
  2. Concorso Italiano – On August 19th, yet again Concorso Italiano will pull out all the stops with the likes of the 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV, 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, Ferrari 330 GT 2 + 2, Lamborghini LP-640 Murcielago Roadster, 1961 Maserati 3500 GT, and other ethereal Italian spectacles that will grace the Black Horse Golf Course (an aptly named course for this event). For big-time Italian automotive fans, this will surely be the event to attend, especially honoring the 70th Anniversary of Ferrari as well as the 50thAnniversary of the Maserati Ghibili. To book your visit to Concorso Italiano, visit
  3. Legends of the Autobahn – On August 18th at the Nicklaus Club-Monterey, the German automotive aficionado will find their haven at Legends of the Autobahn. This Concours features and celebrates the innovation behind German automotive engineering. Members from Audi Club North America, Mercedes-Benz Club of America and BMW Car Club of America bring their cars from around the country for the opportunity to be crowned “Best in Show or “Best in Class” with over 400 cars registered for the event.
Strolling through downtown Carmel, Calif., you’ll be able to see the likes of this 1967 Iso Grifo. Make sure and have dinner in Carmel and walk through the downtown area one evening during the week


4. Strolling Carmel-by-the-Sea – All these structured events take months of planning and registration to come to reality. For those more spontaneous visitors to Monterey Car Week, truly one of the things to behold is just cruising down Ocean Ave. in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The area also holds a Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours in the downtown area on Tuesday 15th, but it is a treat each night to comb through the downtown Carmel area. Each night, droves of one-off foreign and domestic classics and hyper cars venture through the city, one after the other.   5.Exotics on Cannery Row – Friday August 18th features one other pristine event, which is free to the public – Exotics on Cannery Row. This event will feature over 300 exotic and foreign hyper cars with over 19,000 enthusiasts in attendance. Located off of Cannery Row in Monterey, Calif., this event pits enthusiasts in an absolute breathtaking scenery, accompanied by absolutely sublime foreign exotic cars.

Paving the Way

Much of the events of Monterey Car Week occur during the weekend of August 18th – 20th. But there will be so many small and pop-up events happening throughout the time there, beginning on August 11th. Be sure to get to your slate of events early, as traffic is bumper to bumper with other like-minded enthusiasts doing the same – trying to get from one event to the next. Hope you enjoy your time at Monterey 2017!

Autowerkz.TV will Exclusively Cover the 2017 Concorso Italiano

Our Autowerkz.TV tent at the 2016 Concorso Italiano. Note the Mercedes-Benz; there were a handful of non-Italian vehicles that showed up as well.

The 2017 Concorso Italiano will take place on Saturday, August 19th at the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey, California. This is one of the largest gatherings of classic Italian automobiles on the planet. The amount of extraordinarily rare Italian cars at the Concorso Italiano is staggering.

You can find tickets, registration and information (here).

One of the striking aspects of this gathering is its glorious location. Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course has a historical background that compliments the Concorso Italiano”

“It was upon this great land that General Robert B. McClure constructed the Bayonet Golf Course in 1954.

Jack Nicklaus and President Gerald Ford 1981

Bayonet was named after the 7th Infantry “Light Fighter” Division (nicknamed the “Bayonet Division.”) It has been said that General McClure was a “left-handed” golfer with an all too common fade. The General managed to effectively reduce his handicap” with a little creative architecture in the design of the Bayonet Golf Course.

Enjoy last year’s Concorso Italiano video!


Details for the 2017 Concorso Italiano

Come celebrate Fashion, Food, Music and Style at the world’s largest Italian automotive event.Concorso Italiano, featuring nearly 1,000 exotic vehicles, is a can’t miss part of the traditional Monterey Bay Automobile Week.

Event Details:

Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey Bay California, Concorso Italiano will once again be a key part the traditional Monterey Automobile Week. Concorso Italiano’s unique format features more than 800 – 1000 vehicles of Italian origin, and its atmosphere is on the vehicles on display, conversations between people who love and appreciate them, and elements of Italian style such as fashion, food, music and art – all of this on the beautiful grounds of the Black Horse Golf Club.

What is Concorso Italiano?

Concorso Italiano’s unique format features vehicles of Italian origin, and its atmosphere is one of festive, relaxed enjoyment. The emphasis is on the display vehicles and elements of Italian style such as fashion, food, music and travel — all on the beautiful grounds of Black Horse Golf Course, in Monterey Bay, California. It is sure to be a day filled with excitement, focusing on Italian culture and achievements of personalities who possess that special essence known as ‘Italian Style.’

When is Concorso Italiano?

Concorso Italiano is on Saturday, August 19th, 2017. The hours are from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Where is Concorso Italiano?

Concorso Italiano is held at Black Horse Golf Course.

1 McClure Way
Seaside, CA 93955

Are Animals Allowed?

Only service animals are allowed.


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