The Polaris Eicher Motors Multix is Incredibly Utilitarian


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The Polaris/Eicher Motors Multix Mini Truck is purpose built for consumers in India that need utility at a remarkably low price ($3,638). People in the North American truck market tend to take small, tiny pickup trucks for granted. A majority of the world needs small trucks for their overcrowded cities.

The Multix Mini Truck has a single-cylinder, 510cc diesel engine which makes about 10 horsepower while pumpping out about 20 lbs-feet of torque. The engine is mounted underneath the bed and it powers the rear wheels. Surprisingly, this is a five-passenger vehicle with a four-wheel independent suspension; and it can haul over 1,100 lbs.

The appears to be two versions of the Multix Mini Truck. There’s a four and five-seat version with the five-seater having a small center seat that can fold and open up for storage. There is a folding rear bulkhead allowing you to fold the rear seats for extra capacity. There’s a SUV-like rear covering that encloses the cargo area.

Details are thin, but it looks like the Multix Mini Truck is pretty barren inside and, to save money, it even omits air conditioning. With its light weight and fuel-sipping diesel, it will get 28.45Km to the liter, that (roughly) comes out to over 65 mpg.

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Here’s the nifty part: the Multix Mini Truck has a power take-off function that allows the vehicle to become a generator of sorts. The “X-Port” power take-off system produces 3 kW of power and can be used to power tools, a home or a campsite with power to spare. Cool idea.

Eicher Polaris Pvt Ltd, is a joint venture between Eicher Motors and Polaris Industries. Building in Jaipur, India, they hope to sell 60,000 units annually. The new plan can handle twice that number if consumer demand makes it necessary.

Sure, there are other Mini/Kei trucks in the market, but the Multix Mini Truck is packing a remarkably small size, real utility and that power take-off system. It’s got some real potential.

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No, there is not even a remote chance that the Multix Mini Truck will come to the United States. That’s a shame. I think that, if they made an all-wheel drive/ 4X4 variant, it would make an excellent agricultural vehicle.