Team Clearcoat Attempts to Saddle the Mighty Ram Power Wagon – Fails

Recently, at a Rocky Mountain Automotive Press press event, the Autowerkz.TV crew got a chance to see Team Clearcoat in action. It was, for lack of a better description, hilarious. Of the two man team, (one is closer to five-feet while the other hovers well above six-feet) neither looked at home in a big, macho pickup truck.

Cars are the name of the Team Clearcoat game – not trucks, not Jeeps and definitely not crossovers.

To be honest, neither ever said they were into off-roading or trucks. It’s pretty obvious. The thing is – they are just starting to get an idea as to what it takes to head off the beaten path. It’s fun to listen to their journey.

…and it’s a riot to see them in action.

Photo via of Team Clearcoat


Team Clearcoat Interviews Alex Davies, Transportation Editor for Wired


Our friends from Team Clearcoat Alex Davies, Transportation Editor for Wired Magazine!

Alex Davies, Transportation Editor for Wired joins us in the blanket fort this week. We talk about Congress and other unproductive boondoggles like the construction zone problem, the Uber vs Google fight, and of course, old Saabs.

We may not have arrived at any answers in this discussion, but we think we may have stumbled on the right questions.

Read EVERYTHING Alex writes for WIRED here:

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