Team Clearcoat Attempts to Saddle the Mighty Ram Power Wagon – Fails

Recently, at a Rocky Mountain Automotive Press press event, the Autowerkz.TV crew got a chance to see Team Clearcoat in action. It was, for lack of a better description, hilarious. Of the two man team, (one is closer to five-feet while the other hovers well above six-feet) neither looked at home in a big, macho pickup truck.

Cars are the name of the Team Clearcoat game – not trucks, not Jeeps and definitely not crossovers.

To be honest, neither ever said they were into off-roading or trucks. It’s pretty obvious. The thing is – they are just starting to get an idea as to what it takes to head off the beaten path. It’s fun to listen to their journey.

…and it’s a riot to see them in action.

Photo via of Team Clearcoat