Is the Honda Ruckus the Coolest 49cc Scooter?

Starting at $2,699 – plus additional charges (tax, license, delivery etc.) the 2017 Honda Ruckus is not the cheapest 49cc scooter, but it delivers on fun in a big way. Starting with a liquid-cooled single-cylinder 49cc engine and a one-speed Honda V-matic® automatic transmission, the Honda Ruckus has proven itself to be a popular scooter for years. Now, there is a new color selection red and white.

“Nothing on two wheels—or four—has the rugged, minimalist look of a Honda Ruckus. And that’s the whole point. The Ruckus is all about riding down your own road in life, doing things your way, on your schedule. But the Ruckus is about way more than just its unique looks.

It all starts with the Ruckus’ rugged, minimalistic, exoskeletal frame. Minimal bodywork equals minimal hassles. Then there’s the Ruckus’ tough 49cc Honda engine. Plenty of power, and you just push a button to get it started. There’s no hassle with shifting, either; the Ruckus uses a Honda V-matic® automatic transmission. Grab a helmet, maybe toss on a daypack or a messenger bag, and you’re off while your friends are still waiting for the bus. ”

We expect to test this scooter and many other scooters on a new Autowerkz.TV show which begins shooting sometime in late 2017!


Check out the BMW Electric Scooter Concept – “Link” with Video

The Concept Link, which BMW Motorrad recently unveiled, has electric drive, zero emissions and full connectivity, the concept vehicle is not just a means of transportation, but also a means of communication. The BMW Motorrad Concept Link unites the benefits of the digital world with those of the analogue world.

A flat energy storage device in the underbody and the compact drive on the rear wheel are the basis for the Concept Link’s modern silhouette. The various possibilities for personalisation – from the seat bench through coloured side panels right up to different windshields – highlight each rider’s individual personality. The vehicle can be connected with the calendar, making it aware of the next destination, and thus able to suggest the fastest or most scenic route there and even provide music upon request. The concept goes one step further: even the rider’s clothing is intelligently connected with the vehicle. A simple stroke over the sleeve for instance is enough to close the sliding door of the luggage compartment.

Speed, navigation and battery status are displayed in the windscreen, while a large panel with touch function has all information on infotainment, connectivity and route planning at the ready. For even more customisation and connectivity between the rider and the vehicle, there are individually assignable shortcut keys on the handlebars with touch function. At the moment, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link is still a prototype. It already shows where the journey with BMW Motorrad might lead. Interconnected solutions stand for connectivity, convenience and last but not least safety. Providing a vision of what will be important in the urban environment in future: the pure riding pleasure, connectivity between humans and their vehicles, and focussing on the essential.

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